January 2017

Hey there!

I always look forward to January because it means a brand new and fresh start to a whole different year! Here’s what took place this time…

January 1: Every year on January 1st, New Years Day, my whole family (the 10 of us) go out to my grandparent’s house, eat lunch, watch football, and just spend time together, kicking off the New Year! Along with this part of this tradition, the grand kids open up new books from grandpa and grandma. We know how special and important reading is to our education and lives in general, and so this is always a fun and different gift we look forward to each year!

January 2: New nailsss! 😊 Also, baby Jo’s 3 month birthday! ❤ See pictures from both below!

January 7: LCS basketball games vs. Hastings- St. Cecilia!

January 10: LCS basketball games vs. Boys Town!

January 13: Eric Freakin’ Church Concert with momma & Shay! SERIOUSLY OBSESSED WITH HIM/ HIS MUSIC.

January 16: Yaya’s 17th birthday!

January 21: LCS basketball vs. Filmore Central!

January 22: The family got together and celebrated Conner’s 16th birthday early by eating some lunch at Valentino’s!

January 24: This Tuesday night, my momma and I met my grandparents for one last quick dinner at F.O.X before they left for their trip to Texas!

January 28: My momma, Shay, and I grabbed some delicious lunch at Round The Bend steakhouse- one of our favorite places! Then we drove into Ashland, and did a little bit of shopping at one of their cute little stores and lastly grabbed a treat from look up coffee store before heading back home.

January 29: Another set of nails, ha, and a quick little story….

on my way home the other day, as I was thinking about how it was finally nice enough out for me to put out the new flowers with deer antlers we got, on dad’s grave, 3 deer ran across the road in front of me & another car. thankful for these little reminders that he’s always looking down & watching out and more importantly, that this world is not our forever home. 💛{thankful for pretty sunsets like this one from that night too 😊}



January 31: LCS basketball vs. Bishop Neumann!

Thanks for reading! Much love, Davianne

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Conner’s 16th Birthday!


Conner’s 16th birthday!



Chocolate Truffles!




Round The Bend menu!





Jo’s 3 month birthday!



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