February 2017

Hi friends!

Here’s what took place during month number 2 of 2017!

February 1: each month without you here is definitely hard, but especially this one. // despite all the extra pain and sadness this month brings, i’m so, so thankful for the powerful reminder, of how precious this life is, it also sends. more often than not, we (myself included) get caught up in our busy schedules and the flow of life and forget to just stop and take a moment to look around and appreciate just all that we have. and although it sounds “cheesy”, our lives truly, truly can change drastically in a matter of seconds and we honestly won’t even know what hit us. // one of my favorite, most honest (but also simple 😉) quotes of all time says a little something like this- “hug your loved ones, because you’ll never know when God will need them back again”. sooo, my friends, here’s to a hard month, a really hard month, where I’m (and I encourage you too 😊) gonna hug more often, love my people a whole lot harder, and just appreciate all that I have right here, right now, a little bit better.


“If we remembered everyday that we could lose someone at any moment, we would love them more fiercely, and freely, and without fear- not because there is nothing to lose, but because everything can always be lost.”

February 3- 5: Girls trip to western NE! This first weekend of February, my momma, Shaylee and I hit the road and headed out west! Friday night, we drove all the way out and stayed in North Platte. The next the morning we got up and spent the day at one of our favorite events… Crowns & Gowns! It was a long, long day, but we were able to find me a beautiful prom dress. 😊 We did some shopping in North Platte Saturday afternoon, and then drove to Kearney and stayed there that night. While in Kearney, we did some more shopping and then Sunday afternoon, before we could head back home, we, of course, had to eat at one of our favorite places in the WORLD- Flippin’ Sweet! Our cousin, Nicole, got to join us for lunch, which was pretty special also!

February 11: Norris vs. LCS basketball games! Girls won, boys lost, and I got to see my best friend Sophia cheer!

February 12: This Sunday started off with church and lunch at the Millard Roadhouse!  And then we finished off this day with some shopping around Omaha!

February 13: Daddy’s Birthday! A chilly night, but we were still able to take some balloons out to his grave ❤

February 14: Valentine’s Day 2017! ! 💕 i hope you all got to love on your special ones a little bit harder and head to bed each night, knowing just how much YOU are loved 😍 here’s to spreading the x’s & o’s a lot more often, not just one day of the year 💃

February 17: “I think the hardest part of losing someone, isn’t having to say goodbye or letting them go, but rather learning to live without them. always trying to fill the void, the emptiness that’s left inside your heart once they’re gone” // 17 years. you’ve missed out on a lot. a lot of really big stuff (a lot you would probably be thankful you weren’t actually here for quite honestly), but then again there’s so much ahead of us that you won’t get to see or be apart of. life is rough and just plain sucks sometimes, but I guess that’s kinda just how things go. not really sure how we’ve done it all these years- how MOM has done it all these years putting up with us, but here we are. what I would give to just hear your voice one time today or give you a simple hug. despite everything, i’m sure you would be proud- proud of us all. remembering you and missing you today and everyday, daddy and counting down the days until I see you on my own. tell the big man upstairs hello for me… love you always.


February 18: This Saturday was a beautiful day, and so Shaylee and I decided to grab some lunch at Panera and then do a little bit of sister shopping around the mall 😊. {If you can’t tell, we may or may not have a shopping problem 😉 hahaha}. Later that night, I got to hang out with Yaya.

February 19: Another Sunday up in Omaha for church, shopping, and exploring! We wanted to eat in the Old Market, but since it was State Wrestling, the President’s Day tournament for club volleyball teams, and gameday for Creighton and there was 20 billion {yes, THAT many to all of my smart-alecky friends reading this rn 😉 haha} people down there, we ended up going somewhere else. We ended up trying out Big Fred’s pizza and it was delicious! Before heading back to Lincoln, we made a finally stop at eCreamery ice cream shop in Dundee! Who would’ve thought that it would be 72 degrees and we would be eating ice cream, outside, in the middle of February in Nebraska?! Ha.

February 21: was the boys sub- district game @ Waverly that Yaya, Kiley and I got to go to! Unfortunately, the boys lost ending their season, but always a good time with my girls ❤

February 26: This Sunday, I got new nails {see picture below} and then later that night, my momma, Liv Jo, and I made a quick trip up to Seward and ate dinner at Cafe on the Square, just the 3 of us. ❤

That just about sums it up! The month of February is probably the hardest month of the year for my family and I, but at the same time so beautiful and so sweet. Kinda weird, but just the way it goes, ha. 😊 Thanks for reading!

Much love, Davianne

** First time on my blog? Well, welcome! Thanks for checking me out, I truly appreciate it! To get to know who I am and what this blog is all about a little bit better, click here. I would love to get to know you and hear all about what this crazy adventure called life has throw atcha! You can reach me at peaceful.simplicity@yahoo.com or via any of my social medias (click here) or just by simply commenting on any of my posts! Thanks again for checking me out, happy reading! :)**



mornin’ chats around the breakfast table









Flippin’ Sweet Menu!






LCS vs. Norris game! SO PROUD of this girl and her hard work throughout the entire basketball season!









love me some V-Day cookies!




Millard Roadhouse Menu!


O- town!


balloons on dad’s grave for his birthday! ❤


MY GRANDPARENTS ARE THE CUTEST…. they always make sure to send us Valentine’s Day cards from Texas since they can’t be with us on that day! SO MUCH LOVE FOR THEM


lunch date w/ sis!







new nails for March!



Big Fred’s Menu!


lol ya never know…



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