listen & live.

hey y’all,

the past few days/weeks have been really, really hard for a whole bunch of different reasons. everything was a mess and so confusing, and to be quite honest i had started to pull away from God {not on purpose}, or become “too busy” to make time for Him. i grew weak and tiresome, desperate for Him. i knew that, even though i didn’t understand why everything was happening like it had, each part was apart of His great plan and there for a reason.

i also knew that the only way i would make it through the struggles and hardship was through Christ and with Christ. these were times, i needed to cling to Him more than ever. i didn’t how it was gonna play out, but i knew i needed to trust Him and most importantly listen to Him. so, i opened my heart and ears a little more, and searched for Him in any way i could.

last week, i grabbed my Jesus Calling devotional to prepare what i would share with my cheer squad the next day before the basketball games. it had been randomly marked to the day of September 22. i opened it up, to see what it said, which it turned out to be really good and useful. i wrote, that night, the key points i had taken from it and wanted to share with my girls. here’s what i put:


the next day, Thursday i shared that with the squad and just reading it to them really hit me again. i need to trust God and just live. everyday, those bad things that had been happening and getting me down, became more and more of the past. i needed to let them go and trust that what God had planned next was good. so, so good. i needed to live. and live now.

just when i thought i had gotten the full message of what God was trying to tell me, He proved me wrong and showed me again. the next day, Friday, i was sitting in Spanish class when my teacher announced she was switching things up that day from our normal routine. she pulled up this song that i had never heard before, showed us the lyrics and played it for us. i paid attention, but didn’t really think too deep about it. but then she started talking, telling us that she felt like God was telling her to remind not only herself, but us too, that we need to just live. and not just normally live, but be satisfied with the reality in which we get to live. and this really, really hit me. i got chills as i finally discovered what God was trying to teach and tell me. and finally,after a long, long time something made sense and i didn’t have confusion or sorrow in my heart anymore. i had hope and comfort again!

and since then, i have really really clung to this and everyday, i heal more and the puzzle comes together more. ❤ i most definitely don’t have it all figured out, no where close to that point actually, but i can full heartedly know, that this is all part of His great plan, and He is faithful and good, the ENTIRE way.

i encourage you all to first off, ask God to show/tell you whatever He has in mind, and then really listen and seek Him. Not only that, but have an open heart and trust Him. i know it’s cliché, but it’s seriously true- that no one said it was going to be easy, but it will be worth it. and it will bring you so, so much closer to Christ and His love for you. The other part is that i encourage you guys to live. and i mean that, actually live. be happy and thankful for the life you have been given, and just live. don’t worry so much, and find joy in the simple things. you only get one chance, one ride and never is there time to waste. life is so precious and it can be taken away in the blink of an eye. in one second, every single thing could change, you could lose everything, and it could all be gone. the last thing you want to do is take it for granted.

thanks for reading and dealing with the more serious posts 😉 🙂 much love, Davianne ❤




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