March 2017


March is always a fun month for me because I get to celebrate my birthday, the season of Spring, and my grandparents coming home from Texas, along with many other things! Take a look at what all took place below…

March 2- 4: Girls State Basketball 2017! These 3 days were fun ones, spent watching lots of basketball and spending the days eatin’ and explorin’ with Yaya, Kiley, & Eleanor. ❤

March 9- 11: Boys State Basketball 2017! Although we didn’t go to or watch as many boys games as we did girls, Yaya and I did go to the Parkview Christian vs. Wynot game on March 9th at East. Not only was the game extremely exciting, but never have Yaya and I been at a game with crowds from both sides that loud. Super fun! Friday, I hung out with Yaya and Kiley all day. Then, Saturday morning and early afternoon, my Momma, Shaylee, and I made a quick trip up to Omaha and the Gretna mall to do some shopping. Later that night, I hung out with Yaya and Ki yet again {of course 😉}, haha.

March 17: Spent St. Patrick’s Day 2017 with friends! Minn, Kiley, Yaya and I grabbed some food and took it back to Yaya’s house to eat and hang out there. Ki and I got to spend the night there too. 😊

March 19: was an absolutely beautiful Sunday, and so late in the afternoon, I met my momma and Shay for a quick snack at Yogurtini! So good!

March 26: this day was a busy and exciting Sunday! It started off with Yaya and I getting to meet up and surprise our sweet friend, Serena, who we used to go to school with, but haven’t gotten to see in quite a while now.  It’s was such a surprise, for ourselves even, when her mom reached out to us, and even though our time spent together was only a short while, it was still cherished and enjoyed. 😊 After that, we finally had the McDuffee Family “Christmas”/ Dinner, and got to see and catch up with everyone!

March 29: my family {the 10 of us} and I grabbed dinner at Dano’s Hickory Road BBQ to celebrate my birthday, just a day early! So, so, so thankful for them and all the love and support they show me! ❤ I also got a new set of nails on for my birthday, make sure to check out the picture below!

March 30: MY BIRTHDAY!

March 31: Kiley and I got to go out to dinner and hang out for just a little bit this night, to celebrate my birthday! *So* thankful for her, and our sweet friendship! ❤

Thanks for reading! Much love, Davianne


boys state basketball 2017!












OTHER PHOTO…. love love love braidssss



my girls

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