June 2018

June 2018

June 1 – 3: Back towards the end of May, Joe got his wisdom teeth removed. The surgery went good, but this Friday morning (June 1), Joe woke up and could hardly breath because his throat was so swollen and was in tremendous pain. As a result, we ended up in the hospital for these three days, from June 1 – 3. Turns out that Joe got a very serious infection in his mouth/throat and back by his tonsils, likely as a result from the wisdom teeth being removed. It wasn’t anything the doctors did, just sometimes happens when the teeth get pulled and those fluids travel around the mouth and unfortunately cause an infection. Thankfully, Joe caught his very early on, otherwise things would’ve been much worse and possibly, resulted in death. (Crazy right?! To die from getting your wisdom teeth, but they HAVE seen it). It was a long 3 days/nights, but we were so thankful to get Joe taken care of and all healed up!

June 14: A good read from this day that I want to remember 💕 ; here it is

June 17: Father’s Day // Holidays that are shared with someone in Heaven are hard. Thankful for a sweet friend sharing this reminder and the everyday peace that comes from knowing we’re not alone. 💛 Happy Father’s Day to my fellow ones with and without, but most importantly to the Man upstairs 💕

Father to the fatherless

June 20 – 25: This year was a little different than normal – unfortunately, I was unable to go to Branson with my family for our annual family vacation, but instead I did get to go to Orlando, Florida for the National Educator’s Rising Competition. For a full post and lots of photos from my time down there, click here.

June 29 – July 1: A big group of us took off down to Milford Lake in Kansas and spent the weekend camping. The weather was beautiful and we had a great little get-a-way!





the boys grillin’

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breakfast on the grill = heaven



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