Florida 2018

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Back towards the end of June, I got the opportunity to go to Orlando, Florida to participate in a National Conference for the organization known as Educator’s Rising.

Educator’s Rising is a place for any and all students who wish to become a teacher or any other job in the education field in the future. There are local chapters throughout the states, but then each summer, everyone comes together for a national conference and competition.

In order to compete at the national level, you must qualify at the local state competition first (and you may remember, that I did just that with my group, back in March!). There are quite a  handful of events to compete in, in order to give variety and keep everyone busy.

Not only does the National Conference hold the competitions, it is also jam packed with 3 days of seminars from different guest speakers from all around the country. Along with that there is group meals, a karaoke battle, and a dance party! Consistent busyness to say the least!

Our group of girls from The Career Academy totaled up to about 17 including our 2 instructors. We decided to fly out a day early, before the competition started, and then come home a day later, after the competition ended, so that way we could have some extra time exploring Florida. The exact dates we were gone was June 20- 25th.

Apart from the competition, one of the coolest things we got to experience was Disney World! It was very humid, and a little raining, but nonetheless very exciting to see and check out. We also went through Downtown Disney, looking at the shops and eating dinner at some of the restaurants a couple of times.

I was a little nervous as it had been some quite some time since I’d flown and there were definitely some bumps in the road, but overall everything went smooth and the trip was good.

Lots of pictures to check out below, so don’t miss em!

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my hair + the Florida humidity don’t exactly mix too well :’)





our room was on the 10th floor // here it is looking down, out the window





not a good site // stuck in Chicago and our flight keep getting delayed and delayed ):









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