Enough With The Excuses

Hey friends,

The past few months have been so crazy and beautiful and exciting and full of change and all this stuff and while there is a handful of good and exciting things going on, there’s a lot of struggle and hardship too.

I’ve noticed a lot lately that I’ve been really disconnected from God. And as hard as that is to share and say, it’s true. I’ve been to church and definitely talked to Him here and there, but I haven’t been fulfilled to the point I want to be. And the scariest part – The scariest part is that I’ve kinda been comfortable. I’m hungry for more, but not enough to where it’s really “bugged me”, and I don’t want to ever reach a point to where I think I’m “okay” without God.

I’ve still had an urge to strive for more, to pursue my relationship with Christ more, but at the same, it’s sort of gotten easier and easier to just set God aside and say “I’ll get to Him later…. when time slows down and I get some alone time. You know, I’ll get to it.”

What I’ve learned is that it’s so easy to just “forget” about God as we go through life. Everything gets so busy and complicated and exciting sometimes, that we just go through it without Him, and forget to set aside that time with Him or to add Him in. And it’s hard. I know it is, I’m telling you right now that it’s a challenge. But you’ve got to do it and once you do it, you’ll want to do it. The rewards are so much better and your load on life will become just a little easier.

Anywho, one of the biggest reasons I felt dragged down/ wasn’t putting in as much effort into making time for God was because I didn’t have my Bible. Somewhere in the midst of all the school/graduation stuff, it got misplaced and while yes, I could probably search and find it, I was really wanting a new one (for a handful of different reasons) – something for a fresh start.

Soooo, I finally put my foot down and told myself to stop going around the matter and just went out and bought me a new one. It’s a really nice, one that I like, and most importantly, one that I’m excited to use! I know my relationship with Christ doesn’t work based off of whether or not I’m reading my Bible, but it’s a big part and it is important to me and somewhere I personally am able to grow.

I guess really I’m just here (mainly as a reminder to myself but also…) to say stop making excuses for whatever is you are and JUST DO IT! I know it’s easy to push away the things we don’t want to do or those that maybe push us out of our situated, comfort zone and carry on without them, but you can’t do that! The reality is that usually the things outside of the box, are much better.

So here I am and here’s to a fresh start, a new beginning and getting back on track to the things that mean the most and will make this life just a little bit easier.

Thanks for reading.

Much love,


FOOD FOR THOUGHT: What’s something that you need to do but keeping pushing aside/making excuses for? What do you need to do in order to stop horsing around and get it done?


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