Be Kind.

Hey guys,

Life has been so crazy (good, but crazy 🤣) and I know I have totally been MIA 🙃🤔 but one of these days, I’ll have some free time and get all caught up 🤞🏻 (I just know it 😜)

Anyways, I wanted to quickly share with you all something that happened the other day and just give you a little food for the thought. 😉

As a lot of you know, I am currently doing practicum hours/student-teaching at Adams Elementary School, here in Lincoln. I am in a wonderful 4th grade classroom and everything involved is seriously such a joy. 😊 The students are great, very smart and respectful, but just as in any classroom, there are some days when some differences and conflicts take place. The other day was one of those days…

Last week, the teacher had instructed the students to return their writing binders to the back table once she had finished her lesson. We have a mostly male-dominate class (no specific reason for this, just more boys than girls). One of those males is a young fella who has some different learning needs than the other students, but nevertheless, is just as smart, capable, and unique as the others. Now, I’m not exactly sure what had happened, but sometime in those moments, a conflict occurred among three different students- one being the boy I mentioned earlier.

The teacher and I quickly discovered that one of the boys had gotten into a conflict with our special friend, and it had caused the third student to speak up, loudly and in frustration. Doing so, this upset student had made the comment “I’m tired of **student A always picking on and being mean to **student B for no reason!!”

Man, did that hit me.

Don’t get me wrong, I know all about bullying, especially in schools and have even experienced it first-hand myself, but wow.

I didn’t really know what it was, but that statement really hit me hard.

First of all, I think it just shocked me that these kids, who are only in fourth grade (or better yet, 9 and 10 yrs. old) could already be experiencing this. I mean, I know they’re not babies, but sometimes I think we are so quick to look at bullying in the upper years, that we forget that it is still very real and active from the very beginning.

***I want to be clear that I’m not writing this to just look down, point my finger, or condemn the student was called out for such actions. That is not my intentions at all.

Secondly, I think I was just pleasantly surprised and thought it was really cool to see one student stick up for another. Especially in a situation like that.

I think we can all agree that sometimes it’s easier to just turn our heads the other way and do what’s convenient for ourselves, instead of helping another person out.

We were blessed in this situation to be able to see this take place/ have the knowledge about it and then successfully handle it and (hopefully) prevent it from happening again.

But anyway, I just wanted to share this with you all and tell you about how it reminded me to just be kind and stick up for your fellow neighbor when you see something wrong or hurtful happening.

It surely won’t be any more harmful and if fourth graders can do it, I think we can too.

Amongst people who ive never felt loved by, one lovely soul also outcast by those people told me to never forget I am a very important person. He might never know what that meant to me ❤️

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Be Kind Always.. #Kindness   A great reminder & so true, we never know what anyone is going through.

Thanks for reading…

Much love,


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