New Year // 2018

New Year 2018 // happy new year friends!! 2017 was rough, exhausting, and life-changing. There were so many times where I was more broken than I’ve ever been and struggled harder than ever to find the light at the end of the tunnel, and get back on my feet again. I lost some of my then-closest friends, experienced painful heartbreak, and dealt with a lot of difficult personal issues too. At times, I lost all of my self-confidence, strength to fight back, and every belief I ever had in myself. Too often, I (so-bad) just wanted to give up and throw away every dream, hope, and wish I had in store.

But you see, 2017 also came with some good. It was good that was a total pain in the butt to reach for and discover, but it was still good. Some of this good includes:

  • Meeting and growing closer to some of the best people you could ask for
  • Beginning a long-awaited year of “lasts”
  • New adventures and experiences
  • Lots of travels and shows for my favorite artists
  • A bigger progression in my relationship with Jesus Christ and learner so, so much more about just exactly who He is

As I sit here now and write this blog, I think back to the three words I chose at the beginning of this year to live by. I remember that they were: let it go, and slowly now, it all begins to make sense. Remembering certain things we want to do or change or live by can be hard, and usually it’s even harder to apply them to our lives. This last year, I had a really hard time doing both, and honestly, often I didn’t at all. But here am, and it’s finally all adding up, every last piece. The past 12 months, I have forgave people I did not want to, I removed grudges when I wanted to do the exact opposite, I looked the other way when I previously wouldn’t have, and I picked up my feet and forced myself to move forward when the only thing I wanted to do in that moment was stay. The bottom line is that I let those things go, and set myself free. It wasn’t easy and might’ve came down to happening during the final closing days, but ultimately it did happen, and I can breathe.

I am ever-so relieved that 2017 is done. It taught me a lot, but I’m grateful it’s gone. I am so excited for this next year, and all that it has in store. There’s no doubt it will be busy and a thrill, emotional, and bittersweet, but nevertheless, beautiful and unique.

Here’s to 12 new chapters, 365 new days, a fresh start.

Cheers!!! And much love….





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