November 2017

Hello, hello!

November was full of lots of family time, too many good eats 😉 , and quite the load of sports games! Check it all out below…

November 4th: This Saturday was another Husker gameday and this time I had the opportunity to take my close friend Diana, who’s never been to a game before! Although Huskers ended up losing at the end, it was still fun experience for us both!

November 5th: Annual Cheer Xpress showcase for Em & Kat!

November 8th: UNO Teacher’s Showcase! Such a fun day, learning so much!!

November 15th: Shaylee’s 21st birthday dinner with the fam at Las Margaritas!

November 17th: First concert of the weekend! Matthew West & Jordan Feliz at Lincoln Berean! Such a wonderful night full of worship!

November 18th: My momma surprised me with concert tickets to Chris Stapleton for just the two of us! It was such a blast and a special memory I will always have with her ❤

November 19th: Emily and Katie’s second cheer competition of the season at the Mid America Center! And of course, dinner at the Old Mattress Factory

November 21st: LIBA luncheon meeting with Jack! A new experience for both Kiley and I 😊 After lunch, we headed over to Nebraska Weselyan to attend the Rat Challenge Event for my Psychology class. The students participating there all had rats crawling all over them, in their hair, etc. … you couldn’t pay me money! Lol

November 22nd-24th: Last Thanksgiving Break!! Thanksgiving dinner at Brenda’s and Guy’s and then a little bit of Black Friday shopping with friends! Kiley and I also got to attend the yearly Huskers vs. Hawkeyes game this year on Friday for football, and then the Nebraska vs. Iowa volleyball game on Saturday! It was quite the busy weekend, full of good food and lots of sports!

November 26th: Olive Garden with the family to celebrate grandpa’s early birthday, and grandma’s and Katie’s from a little bit before!

Make sure to scroll through the sweet pictures below! Thanks for reading…

Much love, Davianne


a beautiful sunset to wrap up the Fall







a refreshing sunrise to start the day




Matthew West & Jordan Feliz!


Chris Stapleton with momma!



November nails!


my girl




Husker football!


Husker volleyball!





Congressman Don Bacon!


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