Thankful // Thanksgiving 2017

Hello hello and Happy Thanksgiving to you all! 🦃🦃 😊😊

There’s a lot of people I am so beyond blessed to have in my life, and I would love to give a shout out to each and every one, but if I did, we’d be here all day 😂 sooo here’s just a few that I spend almost all my time with and who hold special places in my heart, especially around this time of year 💕 ….

• I’m thankful for Kiley. Ki, you are my very best friend. This past year, these past few months, have been unreal. We have experienced some of the happiest and some of the hardest things, but yet you’ve stood by my side through it all. Thank you for that.
I’m thankful for my mom. Momma, I am such a brat and put you through a lot of unneeded stress. I know raising me is the least of easiest jobs. Thank you for never giving up and continuously giving me too many “second chances”.
I’m thankful for my sister. Shay, you and I couldn’t be more opposite and I don’t think there will ever be a day we agree on everything, but you are still my sister and at the end of the day, there is one thing we will always have the same – the same roots and the same blood. We’ve been through a little more than the typical others, but even then, we still came out on top. Thank you for showing me how to be strong and never giving up. And for always being there to remind me who I am, what I’m made of, and that I’m an independent woman who don’t need no man. 😉😉
I’m thankful for my dad. Even though I never got to the chance to spend time with him here on Earth, I’m thankful for the time he got here, the people he touched, and the impact he had. More importantly, I’m SO thankful this world is not permanent, and one day, soon, I’ll get to be with him forever. How cool is that?!

• Most importantly, I’m thankful for our God we serve and just how good He is. I’m thankful that He never leaves our side or gives up on us, even after the countless times we give up on Him.

Once again, I am so blessed by each one of those people and more! I’m thankful for each one of you and the precious time you take out of your days to read my words. I appreciate it so much and I’m thankful for you and for this more than you’ll ever know 💕

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving and got to eat lots of good food, surrounded by your loved ones! 💛💛

Thanks for reading…

Much love, Davianne




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