Like It’s Your Last

Hey guys,

The past few weeks have been weird. Really, really busy and fast moving, but somehow in the midst of it all, things have somewhat found a common ground and slowed down just a wee bit. Typically, something that calms such a rapid flow is something exciting, something big, something to celebrate. But this time, not so much. You see, the common ground this time happens to be death. Not so big, happy, and exciting, huh?

As most of you know, the concept of death is nothing new in my family. As sad or unfortunate as that is, death is very much a reality in our lives. It doesn’t make us okay with it or cold-hearted, but rather more aware of it, the impact it can have, and all that it will indeed do. With that being said, obviously death is something I associate with often, but there were a few specific things that trigged my mind to really ponder on it this time.

Last week, towards the end of the week, three different things took place. On Thursday, a multiple-vehicle crash took place out by Norris, taking the life of a beautiful, young girl and really hitting home for a lot of different people I know. The next day, on Friday, I was eating breakfast with my grandparents and the waitress mentioned the loss of her husband. And finally, the day after that on Saturday, my best friend Kiley’s grandma unexpectedly passed away. Too easily (and I understand why), we forget just how real death in our world is today.

The lady serving us that Friday morning said something that really made me think. She put it into words something I couldn’t have said better myself. She said, “Thank God death here is just temporary and we get to see them again, because I tell ya what, death can really mess a person up”. And she was so right.

First off, death can really mess a person up and let me tell you, it always does. It’s very much a depressing, scary, painful thing. But how great is it, that it’s not the only option we have. That, because this world is not our permanent home, we will see our lost ones again and get to be with them one day, forever again. What a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I’m not writing this here to depress you all or make you sad about the realities of this life today, but rather to remind you all just exactly how precious this life is. As I mentioned earlier, it’s easy for us all to get caught up in the busy flow of our day to day lives and “get used to” tragic concepts, like death, around us. I’m not saying we should walk around on eggshells and constantly worry, but rather treasure and embrace each moment we get. Don’t hold anything back, but instead really live each moment like it could be our last.

I’ll leave you all with a quote I heard on the radio the other day that goes like this, “Live each day like it’s your last…. And one day, you’ll be right.”


Thanks for reading…

Much love, Davianne

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