August 2017

Hey, hey!

Wrapping up the summer with all sorts of things taking place in August! Check it all out below…

August 12: lake day out at Branched Oak with friends!

August 14 & 16: back to school!

August 18: senior retreat out at Camp Rivercrest with the class of 2018!

August 19: Kiley’s volleyball scrimmage and then ice cream and hanging with friends afterwards!

August 20: August 20th was a busy day! It started out with Kiley coming up to Omaha with my fam for the Fall Festival Kickoff at our church. After that, we ate lunch at Big Fred’s Pizza , which is always good. Finally, I ended the night going to the Gregory Allen Iskoav concert with Kiley and her parents at the Slowdown, but not without eating at The Old Mattress Factory, first.

August 27: celebrating Emily’s birthday with lunch and family time at the Boden’s!

This month was short & sweet, but I’m beyond ready to really kick our feet in and get knee deep into Fall and all it has to offer! Thanks for reading, Davianne.

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