May 2017

Hi friends!

Here’s what took place during the month of May…

May 6: Jeffery’s graduation! So, so proud of him and all that he has accomplished and excited to see where his future takes him! ❤ 😊 After his graduation, my momma, Shaylee, Alivia and I grabbed a late lunch at the Mexican restaurant in Seward.

May 12: Tim McGraw & Faith Hill concert! This concert was at the arena and my momma, Shaylee and I all went. It was our second time seeing Tim and first time seeing Faith for Shaylee and I (my momma saw them many many moons ago before they were even close to being this big), and the whole show was unforgettable. Primarily because, FREAKING TIM MCGRAW WALKED DOWN OUR ROW RIGHT FREAKING NEXT TO US AND MY MOTHER TOUCHED HIM AND WE HAD NO IDEA AND IT WAS AWESOME. Okay, I’m done yelling 😉, but for someone like me, who is a country music die hard and goes to concerts constantly, this was something new and pretty flippin’ sweet. Ha 😊

May 13: Sierra’s graduation!

May 14: Mother’s Day 2017! We went to church in Omaha and then came back and went to a late lunch at Legends with the fam, downtown in the Haymarket!

May 20: March of Dimes Walk 2017 for Team Livi Jo! This walk is dedicated to raising awareness for premature babies, and after experience this first-hand, I couldn’t be more proud or grateful to be apart of such an amazing thing! The day was a little cold, but still lots of fun! The walk was in the morning, and then right afterwards, we all went out to lunch at Buffalo Wings & Rings downtown. 🙂

May 24: Def Leppard Concert! It’s always fun to embrace my inner rock side 😉 every now and then and let me tell ya, Def Leppard has definitely still got it!

Lots of fun pictures and a video close-up of Tim below, so make sure to check those out!

Thanks for reading. Much love, Davianne





Team Livi Jo 2017


Team Livi Jo 2017


Team Livi Jo 2017


click here to see the amazing close-up video of Tim 🙂

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