Let It Go.

Hey there,

A few years ago, my momma, Shaylee, and I were sitting around, just hanging out, when my mom introduced something new to us. This new thing was the idea that at the beginning (or middle or end, I guess it doesn’t really matter) of each year, you chose a word (typically an attribute or adjective such as: love, courage, brave, fearless, etc.) that you wanted to remember throughout the year or work towards making your life look like for that year.

While I haven’t been 100% accountable for all of the 365 days in the previous years, I did work towards/remember it fairly often and so it is something  (thanks to my momma 😊) my heart longs for each year.

Typically, I really take time to think about and decide what I want my word to be for each year. It’s something important to me and one I don’t wanna just let fly by.

2016 was a hard year for me (and a lot of other people too), if I’m being honest, and already my heart is heavy and mind overwhelmed within the first few days of 2017. I’ve been thinking and thinking and praying and praying and finally, I think I have picked my word (well technically it’s 3 words but ya know 😉) for this year.

I chose the words: let it go. 

Looking back, I let so, so, so many things stick to me, burden me, and slow me down. Things that I never, ever should have. I was so stubborn, and held onto so many things and instead of just letting go, I let those things trap me and change my life- not necessarily for the better.

Now, I’m not naive and know to keep some things around, but I have most definitely learned that some things are small and easy to let go of, while other things are big, and almost kill us to forget about and say goodbye to. BUT, it is crucial to know when you must do both.

This lesson, no doubt, was learned the hard way, but I’m not ashamed that it was or to share that information with you. I’m thankful that my back was burdened and my heart was broken a million different times because it taught me a thousand times more important things and ways for the future.

I know full-heartedly about all the little things I want in life, and how I want to be treated, and who I want to be surrounded by, and what I need (and maybe want or maybe not want) to let go of, in order to make my life one that I love, one that I’ve always dreamed of, and most importantly, one that brings glory to God and fulfills His plan for me.

My heart still breaks and my back still burdens, but at the end of the day, I can sleep a whole lot better because I am no longer holding on, suffocating, or trapped. I have let go and I am set free.


I encourage you, sweet friends, to think about and pray and discover your word. Then once you do, discipline yourself and work hard to remember it when you can and apply it to your life. Once you do, I can promise you, my friends, your life will be changed forever. 💕

Much love, Davianne.

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