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So today, in a conversation I was having, the topic of commitments came up and I was asked what are some of the things that I am committed to. This caught me off guard a little bit and really made me think about just what exactly I am committed to, and I thought I’d share with you. Here’s what I came up with…

Number 1: I am committed to my family. I have committed to love them, even when I’m the angriest at them. I have committed to forgive them, even when I’ve been most hurt by them. I have committed to help them, even when I’m at my weakest point also. I have committed to accept them/ their beliefs, even when I don’t personally agree with them, myself.

Number 2: I am committed to my “job”.  Every single day (besides holidays, etc.), I am responsible for taking my little, 6 year old friend, Hunter, to his daycare after school gets out. I have committed to him and his family, that I will do my job, be responsible and get him where he needs to go each day.

Number 3: I am committed to my school work. I committed to taking the necessary time out of each day, in order to finish my school work and do it well.

Number 4: I am committed to my friends. I have committed to encourage them when they are down. I have committed to be listening ears when they need to vent. I have committed to caring for and loving them. I have committed to being a shoulder to cry on when they are hurting. I have committed to laugh with them (or maybe at them 😉 ) when their days are a little dull. I have committed to respecting them, no matter the situation. And I have committed to them that I will just simply be their friend.

Number 5: Last, but certainly not least… I am committed to Jesus and my walk with Him. I have committed that I will take time out of each of my days to just slow down, talk to Him, and/or just be with Him. I have committed that I will turn to Him every single time, whether that be the best time of my life or the worst, no matter if I am at my weakest or my strongest. I have committed that I will trust Him, love Him, and forever put my life in His mighty, mighty hands and strive each day to live a life after His own heart.

I encourage you all to stop and think about what you are committed to, if it’s something worth being committed to, and how much you are actually, honestly are committed to it because 1. it’s easy to get caught up in the waves of life and lose our commitment to everything and 2. because it is important and a key part of in our lives to take a look at and evaluate. Commitment is time and time is precious. What are some of yours? P.S….If ya want, I would loveee to know what your commitments are and talk about em with you sometime, so either leave em in the comments below orrr just holler at me the next time I see ya 😉

Below are some of my favorite quotes on commitment, so check those out too if ya get the chance. Thanks for reading, talk to y’all soon!

Much love, Davianne

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