November 2016

Hey there!

November was a busy, busy month, but nonetheless filled with all things overwhelming (in a good way 😉 ), delicious (love me some turkey day dinners 😉 ), and heart-warming! Thankful that this month of the year is nothing but love & grateful hearts and thankful for all that took place! Check it all out below…

November 2: Alivia Jo’s 1 month- birthday!

November 5: Alan Jackson, Lauren Alaina concert with Shaylee! Alan Jackson is literally a living country music legend and I’m so, so thankful to have gotten the privilege to see him perform live. P.S: if you didn’t already read my post about Lauren Alaina and her music and such from before, click here. P.S.S: for all the fancy smanchy 😉 photos from that night click here.

November 11: Veteran’s Day 2016! So unbelievably thankful for each and every sacrifice that has been laid down for this country, every single day. Freedom is most definitely not free and our veterans will never be forgotten. // This Friday night, I also got to stay the night at Yaya’s and hang with her!

November 12: Alivia Jo’s due date! ALL THE FEELS hahaha. but super cool (well atleast I think so 😉 ) story below about the interesting thing that happened on this day… check it out with all the photos below 🙂

November 13: I love Sundays & I love them spent with loved ones and that is exactly what this busy day was full of! First off early this morning, my grandparents picked me up and I got to go to breakfast with them, just the 3 of us! After that, we ran some errands before we had to head over to Emily & Katie’s cheer showcase. We spent most of the morning there watching them before, and by the time we finished with that it was time for lunch. Katie picked Amigos ;), so grandma, and grandpa and the “girls” (minus Shay) went to lunch there. After lunch, we headed over to Shaylee and Alivia’s Baby Shower! So, so fun and so, so thankful for all the loved ones we have in our lives that love and support Shaylee and baby Jo so much! A few hours celebrating there, and then my momma, Shaylee and I went to pick up Emily from cheer practice and then a pizza for dinner, before heading back to the Bodens house to have dinner together as a family (minus my aunt, uncle, and Conner because they were in New Orleans for the Saints vs. Broncos game- so cool!) and watch some football! Love Sundays. Love my family. Love the life. Ha.

November 15: was another busy night. First off, we had Katie’s choir concert at Scott! After that, we had Shaylee’s birthday dinner in Hickman at South Char Grill since the 15th is her birthday! Even though, Shay and I have always (and probably always will) fought like cats and dogs, I AM thankful for our (few, but still there) similarities and her support; for all the clothes she (maybe not always willingly 😉 ) lets me wear and that she is my sister; and most importantly, that she fought so hard and made and brought the most beautiful little baby in the world that I can love on more than I probably should, ha. 😉

November 20: Finally, ;), David & Sara were able to come down and meet Liv Jo and spend some time with us, as a family, right before Thanksgiving! We hung around the house obsessing over Jo for the most part, and then went to dinner at Big Red, and lastly, gave Sara a little drive-by tour of downtown Lincoln, showing her a little bit of what the L-Town hype is all about!

November 23-25: Thanksgiving Break 2016! Thanksgiving this year was at the Boden’s! We ate a delicious meal and then just hung around with each other, before Shaylee, Emily, Katie, and I headed out Black Friday shopping! We were all laughing a little bit because that night, it ended up as the “kids” out shopping, while the adults stayed home and watched the movies and laid on the couch 😉 when before, it always used to be the other way around! So weird how we grow up, get old, and more and more things start to flip flop like that. Ha. Also, Friday was the annual Huskers vs. Hawkeye game! Sadly, are team didn’t show up 😉 and we took the L, but there always next year 😉

November 26: This Saturday night, Yaya and I went to the girls’ basketball scrimmage against Millard South and then got some dinner before calling it an early night! Haha

November 27: My grandpa’s birthday is on the 30th of November, so we all got together and ate a late lunch at Dino’s to celebrate his birthday, a few days early! J We (well mainly just my momma, Aunt Michelle, and Grandma 😉 ) also had to do some planning for the Christmas dinners coming up!

November 30: My good friend, Ellie, and I haven’t really got to get together and just talk for a while, thanks to life’s busy schedules, so we finally took this afternoon and did just that! Lots of love for her!

Thanks for reading… here’s to the last chapter of 2016! Let’s make it the best one yet 😉

Much love, Davianne


more sunset pictures // love, love, love





love me some scooters 😉






Alan Jackson & Lauren Alaina concert!!






2016 showcase! // pretty, pretty girls


Em was such a trooper… a sass… but a trooper 😉



“no photos for my 1 month bday, i’m not being that old auntie dav” 😉 hahaha that’s totally fine with me liv jo, you stay little forever!


the cool thing I was tellin’ y’all about above ^^ 🙂 (read the side note)


all tucked in 🙂




almost asleep 🙂


lil’ burrito







yaya in her natural habitat 😉






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