October 2016

Hey y’all!

October was filled with all sorts of emotions and definitely life-changing to say the least…. take a look at what all took place below…

October 1: Husker football game with my grandma! My grandma and I both share a huge love for the Huskers and so it’s always fun when I’m able to tag along to games with her & especially when the ‘skers 😉 pick up the W too! 🙂

October 2: one of the scariest, and most life-changing days of all, but one that we wouldn’t change for the world… the birth of my absolutley beautiful niece, Alivia Jo! If you ever wanna hear a really adventurous story where you can see the literal hand of God without a doubt, let me know because I will always be down to share. Also, I’m just gonna apologize now (kinda, not really ;)) for all the photos you will be spammed with of little Liv Jo… but I can’t help it. I’m obsessed. And I’m not ashamed. So, sorry not sorry. 😉

October 6: Conner’s football game vs. Millard South!

October 7: LCS Football vs. Ashland- Greenwood! The boys played a really tough game, and surprisingly picked up the W… a fun night for sure! Afterwards, Mattie and I headed over to Minn’s and spent the night there with her!

October 8: KEITH URBAN, BRETT ELDREGE, & MAREN MORRIS CONCERT!! If you had talked to me about the concert before it took place, you knew that originally I had planned on going with my momma and Shay. Well, because of Shay & Liv’s conditions ^, they weren’t able to go, so I actually ended up going with Kallie instead! This was my 2nd time seeing Keith (the 1st was AMAZING too :)) , and I really, really wanted my momma and Shaylee to see/ expierence him too, but life happens and I’m still super thankful that Kal got take their place!

October 11: First off, Conner’s football game vs. Lincoln East! Good ole’ Nebraska pushed in one of her cold, winter breezes that night, so the game was a little chilly, but nothing short of exciting. It actually went into overtime, but the Hawks fought the entire way and got the win! After that, the family went out to dinner at Val’s to celebrate Katie’s 11th birthday, a day early. Katie is literally my mini-me and, so it’s even more surreal that she, “the baby”, is already 11! Makes me feel old, ha. 😉

October 13: LCS volleyball game!

October 14: LCS football game vs. Milford! Not only was this game at our home field, but it was also the homecoming game, so that was extra fun! Later that night was our actual Homecoming event at McGee’s Cabin!

October 15: I hung out with Ellie & Yaya for a little bit!

October 18: LCS volleyball game vs. Raymond Central!

October 20: LCS football game @ Southern (Wymore, Ne)! This was the last game of the regular season which always makes me sad as the Friday Night Lights are my favorite time of the year, but the season was still one to remember!

October 22: Husker football game vs. Purdue with Shaylee! It was a beautiful day and of course, Nebraska won ;), which always makes the day better. Once we finished the game, all the “5 kids” plus Molly, Caitlin, & Mason went to din din with grandma and grandpa. We are so blessed to be able to do even the littlest of things with them 🙂

October 28: Grandparent’s Day at school! We only have one more year left doing these kinds of things, so we are cherishing the time as much as we can. We got dismissed at 1:00, so later that afternoon and into the night I hung out with Yaya and Mattie and stayed the night at Yaya’s.

October 31: Halloween 2016! Yaya & I got dressed up and once again spent the night together. 🙂 See all the fun photos from that night below.

Like I said earlier, October 2016 was an adventure and definitely one that will not be forgotten. Thanks for reading & talk to y’all soon!

Much love, Davianne


can’t be the October sunsets 🙂







home football game vs. Milford!


football game vs. Ashland- Greenwood!


last football game of the season at Southern!


love love love the drives out of town for football games 🙂


Keith Urban with Kal! // October 8th, 2016



Keith Urban with Kal! // October 8th, 2016


Keith Urban with Kal! // October 8th, 2016


hangs with minn // she’s quite the cook 😉


hangs with minn // love gettin’ late night mail 😉


my girls 🙂


ayeeee 😉 hahaha


Halloween 2016 // yaya


Halloween 2016 // fight me 😉


Husker Football babbbyyy


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