August 2016

Hey there!

The month of August wasn’t too crazy, but it definitely seemed to fly bye! Here’s what took place…

August 2: August 2nd is Michael’s birthday and this year it just so happened to fall on a Tuesday, so of course we went to the movies and celebrated him! ❤🎉🎁

August 6: Eagle Raceway!🏁

August 7: My momma’s birthday is July 4th, my Uncle Scott’s birthday is July 30th, and Michael’s birthday is August 2nd, so on this Sunday we crammed the three celebrations into one big dinner and ate downtown, in the Haymarket at the Flatwater Bistro. So thankful that we take the time, as a family, to sit down and celebrate one another each year, even if it’s just grabbing dinner together. 🙂 ❤

August 8: Yaya and I, of course, had to make our yearly trip to the Lancaster County Fair. The weather was beautiful and the night was lots of fun! 🎡🎪🎢

August 12: McCool Junction Races! 🏁

August 17: First day of school 2016- 2017!🤓

August 25: August 25th was a fun day… not only was it Conner’s first football game of the season, but also Emily’s birthday! We all got together and watched the game… it’s not exactly ideal to spend your birthday at your brother’s football game, but we have all done our fair share of taking one for the team (for example: on Shaylee’s birthday last year, she had to spend it at a cheer competition in Omaha for me, ha). Anyway, Southwest didn’t have the best game, but it was still lots of fun being able to watch Conner play and show off his skills, if you will 😉. Just because Em’s birthday was the same day as the game, didn’t mean we were going to forget her as a whole ;), so afterwards we went to  Red Robin and celebrated her! It kind of makes my heart sad that she is already a teenager, but at the same time I love seeing and hearing her experience all the fun things I did at that age, so that makes it better! 🙂 ❤🏈😋

August 26: was the first LCS football game in Omaha at Concordia. The boys fought hard and came up just short with a 28- 26 loss, but I wouldn’t give up the Friday Night Lights for anything. 🙂 🏈💙

August 27: Eagle Raceway! 🏁


Eagle Raceway // August 6


OTHER PHOTO: good ole hi-way diner ha


McCool Junction Speedway // August 12






LCS football @ Concordia // August 26


LCS football @ Concordia // August 26


Eagle Raceway // August 27


sunset over Eagle Raceway // August 27


sunset over Eagle Raceway // August 27




Thanks for reading and checking this post out! Much love, Davianne.


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