August 2016

Hey there!

The month of August wasn’t too crazy, but it definitely seemed to fly bye! Here’s what took place…

August 2: August 2nd is Michael’s birthday and this year it just so happened to fall on a Tuesday, so of course we went to the movies and celebrated him! ❤🎉🎁

August 6: Eagle Raceway!🏁

August 7: My momma’s birthday is July 4th, my Uncle Scott’s birthday is July 30th, and Michael’s birthday is August 2nd, so on this Sunday we crammed the three celebrations into one big dinner and ate downtown, in the Haymarket at the Flatwater Bistro. So thankful that we take the time, as a family, to sit down and celebrate one another each year, even if it’s just grabbing dinner together. 🙂 ❤

August 8: Yaya and I, of course, had to make our yearly trip to the Lancaster County Fair. The weather was beautiful and the night was lots of fun! 🎡🎪🎢

August 12: McCool Junction Races! 🏁

August 17: First day of school 2016- 2017!🤓

August 25: August 25th was a fun day… not only was it Conner’s first football game of the season, but also Emily’s birthday! We all got together and watched the game… it’s not exactly ideal to spend your birthday at your brother’s football game, but we have all done our fair share of taking one for the team (for example: on Shaylee’s birthday last year, she had to spend it at a cheer competition in Omaha for me, ha). Anyway, Southwest didn’t have the best game, but it was still lots of fun being able to watch Conner play and show off his skills, if you will 😉. Just because Em’s birthday was the same day as the game, didn’t mean we were going to forget her as a whole ;), so afterwards we went to  Red Robin and celebrated her! It kind of makes my heart sad that she is already a teenager, but at the same time I love seeing and hearing her experience all the fun things I did at that age, so that makes it better! 🙂 ❤🏈😋

August 26: was the first LCS football game in Omaha at Concordia. The boys fought hard and came up just short with a 28- 26 loss, but I wouldn’t give up the Friday Night Lights for anything. 🙂 🏈💙

August 27: Eagle Raceway! 🏁


Eagle Raceway // August 6


OTHER PHOTO: good ole hi-way diner ha


McCool Junction Speedway // August 12






LCS football @ Concordia // August 26


LCS football @ Concordia // August 26


Eagle Raceway // August 27


sunset over Eagle Raceway // August 27


sunset over Eagle Raceway // August 27




Thanks for reading and checking this post out! Much love, Davianne.


Wrap Of The Summer // July 2016

Hey y’all!

July was jammed packed and I was literally out of town or doing something every weekend, so I didn’t have really any down time at all (which is totally okay… I’d much rather be busy than doing nothing at all!). That being said, I’m finally getting the chance to catch y’all up on the crazy things I did during that time! 🙂 Take a look below… this month was definitely a fun one!

July 4th: First off, and most importantly- IT WAS MY MOMMA’S BIRTHDAY!!! Wooooohooooo. Haha. BUT REALLY, HOW COOL IS IT THAT SHE WAS BORN ON THE 4TH
?!? PRETTY COOL, I KNOW. 😉 Second off, and least importantly (? lol)- Early that morning, only 2 weeks since the fam getting brand new phones, I dropped mine and completely shattered my phone screen. el oh el, my luck I swear. Really though guys, (It drives my momma insane, of course lol), but I could literally be standing there and drop and break my phone. I honestly have THE worst luck when it comes to them. Fortunately though, it didn’t hurt anything on the inside… just the outside which can be easily fixed. 🙂

Anyway, this is one of the first years in a long time that we have all been home and together for the holiday (we are usually still on vacation), so we didn’t have anything big planned. Michael, Shaylee and I ended up just getting some fireworks and lighting them off at our house. Independence Day is by far my favorite holiday and the weather was absolutely beautiful, so  (besides shattering my phone) the whole day was pretty enjoyable and one to remember!

July 7th: I finally got to hang with/ see Yaya! 🙂 We really didn’t do too much, just grabbed some food and hung around, ha.

July 16th-17th: KC IN KC BABBBBYY! I have been WAITING to tell y’all about this weekend and all the fun, fun stuff that took place, so here we go! 🙂

For my birthday this year, I got tickets to go see Miranda Lambert at the Century Link Center in Omaha. It turned out that Kid Rock (who we had also been planning to see at Creekfest) was the same night. We ended up getting the Creekfest tickets, selling my Miranda ones in Omaha, and buying new ones to see her in Kansas City with Kenny Chesney, Sam Hunt, and Old Dominion instead! That show was at Arrowhead Stadium (home of our beloved Chiefs 🙂 ), which Shaylee and I had never been to before (my momma had been there to see George Strait many moons ago, ha). And let me tell ya, IT WAS AMAZING! THE VENUE, THE ARTISTS, THE WEATHER… EVERYTHING!

All the hotels close to there were booked, of course, so we ended up staying in Overland Park, Kansas- which isn’t too far from the stadium itself. The day after the concert, we ate a delicious lunch at Burnt End BBQ   there in Overland Park, then made our way home. Nothing too exciting other than the concert, but still a weekend to remember!

July 20th: Lunch date with Kallie! I hadn’t seen Kal in forever, so this afternoon we got together and grabbed some lunch and got all caught up! Love, love, love her!

July 25th- 29th: This week of the summer, I spent out with my grandparents. We did lots of diffferent things from cooking, cleaning, and farmer’s marketin’ 😉 (of course, a lot more than that, but you get the point)! So, so thankful for any chance I get to spend and be with them.

July 29th- 31st: CREEKFEST 2016!!! Friday night, after I got back into town and after my momma got off work, the three of us (mom, Shay, and I) packed our bags and headed to Cherokee, Iowa for Creekfest 2016! Creekfest is basically just what it sounds like- a country music festival in the middle of a  corn field (yes, literally), next to a creek! The festival lasts for 3 days and not only brings in different artists to put on shows, but also offers helicopter rides, air boat rides, mud volleyball tournaments, tailgating activites and a whole lot more!

You can choose to bring your RV and camp out there, or stay in a hotel and just make the trip back each day.  We choose to stay in a hotel (even though it definitley would be a blast to camp out in the fields), and since all of them were sold out there in or close to Cherokee weeks in advance, we ended up having to stay in one in Sheldon, IA, which is about 51 minutes away from Cherokee, or only about 36 minutes away from Worthington, Minnesota! :).

The drive from the fest to Sheldon really wasn’t that bad, but we HIGHLY recommend having either a phone company that carries good service out there or a map with all your directions printed off before hand, because we didn’t have either, and it was quite the adventure to say the least, lol. That portion of Iowa is a very, very rural part of the state (meaning there aren’t many big towns to light up the area or it’s mostly just fields and hi-way type roads), and gets very, very dark at night, but we were lucky to happen to run into a nice feller from Texas who helped us out at almost 1 in the mornin’, and put in Sheldon in his truck GPS (because he didn’t have cell service either) and gave us the right directions from there, hahaha. By the time we reached the hotel, we were real tired and relieved, but we can honestly say there is never, never a dull moment in our lives. haha.

The acts brought in for Creekfest this year were: Farewell Angelina, Joe Diffie, Granger Smith ft. Earl Dibbles Jr., Chase Rice, Tim Montant & the Shrednecks, Elle King, Chris Janson & Kid Rock!!

There’s so many cool things we did or expierenced while there that highlighted the trip, so instead of going on and on forever, I listed the main points of each thing for y’all to read! Take a look below…

  • Saturday afternoon, we ate lunch at this local cafe there in Sheldon, called Cook’s Cafe , which was super yummy. After that, we did a little bit of shopping in the cute little boutiques, located in downtown Sheldon. Then lastly before we headed back to Creekfest for the night, we stopped at the cutest little ice cream hut also there in Sheldon, called Dairy Dandy Drive-In. It’s nothing fancy, but the definitely serve some of the best ice cream around! Make sure to check out the fun pictures from there below!
  • Okay y’all so Saturday night at Creekfest, while we were waiting for the Kid to come on, there was a group of younger kids, mostly guys and a few girls (probably between ages 19-21) that had gathered around by where we were sitting. Everybody was kinda doing their own thing, when all of the sudden, out of no-where, this dude walks up to one of the kids standing in the group and completley knocks him out, punching him in the face. The kid who threw the punch then, tackles the guy to the ground and keeps hitting him, while the other boys in the group try to pull him off of their friend. Finally, all the “old” guys (or the ones in their 30s/ 40s who were past their wild, fightin’ days 😉 ) go and pull the guy off and tell him to get the heck out of there. NOW LET ME TELL Y’ALL, I USUALLY MISS THIS KIND OF STUFF, BUT THIS TIME I WATCHED THE WHOLE THING AND IT WAS JUST TOO GOOD AND I CAN GUARANTEE YOU I AM NEVER GONNA GET OVER IT, hahaha. It was so crazy and unreal, we were all in shock, which made it even more funny ( I know, I’m a terrible person blah blah 😉 ). The kid who got hit definitely wasn’t okay (at the time being)- he got the wind completley knocked out of him, lost some teeth, and was about to throw up (0nce he was actually able to get up off the ground, that is), but he had been underaged drinking that night, so he really wasn’t feeling the worse of it until the next morning, when he sobered up, lol. I have no idea why he got knocked but, I could probably betcha he said something about a girl that he shouldn’t have ;), but who really knows… that’s just good ole country kids and Iowa for ya 😉 hahaha.
  • Sunday afternoon, we hit the road headed home, but made sure to stop in LeMars, Iowa or the Ice Cream Capital of the World! We ate lunch at Jim’s Burger which actually has a lot more other types of  food (especially Mexican)  than just burgers, which was kinda neat. We were stuffed when we got done eating there, but there was no way we were going to miss getting ice cream.////  If you didn’t know already, the reason LeMars is the ice cream capital is because, it is the place where the originial Blue Bunny ice cream/ company was created, back in 1913, and where their ice cream comes out of, to this day. They turned the original factory into a really cool muesuem type thing sharing all their history, and also a place where you can dine and eat some of the delicious dessert! The last thing we did before leaving Lemar was drive around the town and find/ look at all the ice cream statues they have made! You’ll have to look at the pictures below to better understand, but basically they are just like the bicycles that were made and are now all around Lincoln, except they are ice cream cones! Cool right?!
  • The final thing we did that weekend, was do a little bit of shopping at the Sioux City mall. Nothing too major, but it works :).

This final weekend in July was unforgetable and an absolute blast! There were so many different, new things we got to expierence and ones that we will definitely be doing again soon!

That pretty much wraps up the month of July, so thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out all the sweet, exciting photos below! Much love to you all, Davianne.


Independence Day 2016


Indpendence Day 2016


OTHER PHOTO: love me some Scooter’s


OTHER PHOTO: some of my favorite things 🙂


OTHER PHOTO: also some of the favs!


from KC in KC babbyyy!!


from KC in KC babbbyyy!!


KC in KC // sneak peak of before and after!


KC in KC // here’s that photo all by itself… INSANE amount of people that night!!


from KC in KC


from KC in KC


KC in KC // one section from the stadium all light up by cell phone lights


KC in KC // SO SO cool to see all the stuff for our beloved Chiefs!!


KC in KC // neat little pic of abandoned gas station in Rockport, Mo


KC in KC // Burnt Ends BBQ sign


KC in KC // Burnt Ends BBQ inside


KC in KC // Burnt Ends BBQ inside


KC in KC // Burnt Ends BBQ inside


KC in KC // Burnt Ends BBQ inside


KC in KC // Burnt Ends BBQ to die for food! // yum n the tum


KC in KC // Burnt Ends BBQ cornbread // yum n the tum


Nails done!


Love this color!!


another oneeeee


week with grandma & grandpa


week with grandma & grandpa // obsessed with the sunsets every single night out there


week with grandma & grandpa // picking up some fresh fruit and veggies!


week with grandma & grandpa // obsessed with the sunsets every single night out there


week with grandma & grandpa // fresh baked cookies


week with grandma & grandpa // fresh baked cookies


Creekfest 2016!!


Creekfest 2016!!


Creekfest 2016 // this is just some of the campers that were there… plenty more not shown!


Creekfest 2016 // this is just some of the campers that were there… plenty more not shown!


Creekfest 2016 // stage view from above // fun fact: you can actual rent out a semi-trailer (like you see on the left) to party and watch the show in… interesting, right?!


Creekfest 2016 // full photo from Chris Janson’s show // plenty more people were there also…. this doesn’t show all the way back


Creekfest 2016 // Kid Rock!!!


Creekfest 2016 // Kid Rock!!!


Creekfest 2016 // Grainger Smith


Creekfest 2016 // the creek where everyone hangs out during the day


Creekfest 2016 // the creek where everyone hangs out during the day


Creekfest 2016 // better photo of the Creek without all the people in it lol


Creekfest 2016


Creekfest 2016


Creekfest 2016 // sign


Creekfest 2016


Creekfest 2016 // ya never know hahaha


Creekfest 2016 // ya never know hahaha


Creekfest 2016 // ya never know hahaha


Creekfest 2016 // Only at Creekfest would you see a guy on a four-wheeler, pulling a couch as a shuttle or trolley, hahahaha


Creekfest 2016 // bright, bright sun


Creekfest 2016 // yum n the tum




Creekfest 2016 // Dairy Dandy Drive-In // Sheldon, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Dairy Dandy Drive-In // Sheldon, IA // such a cute lil’ place, right?!?


Creekfest 2016 // Dairy Dandy Drive-In // Sheldon, IA // yum n the tum


Creekfest 2016 // Dairy Dandy Drive- In // Sheldon, IA // just one part of their menu is all the soft serve flavors!


Creekfest 2016 // Dairy Dandy Drive- In // Sheldon, IA // yum n the tum


Creekfest 2016 // Cook’s Cafe // Sheldon, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Cook’s Cafe sign // Sheldon, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Cook’s Cafe menu (one side) // Sheldon, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Jim’s Burger // LeMars, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Blue Bunny Ice Cream sign // LeMars, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Blue Bunny Ice Cream history parts // LeMars, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Blue Bunny Ice Cream history & inside muesuem // LeMars, IA


Creekfest 2016 // all the ice cream cones (like the bikes) I was telling y’all about… all are done differently (such as the girl scout one, movie theater one, post office one, Jesus one, bank one, etc.) // LeMars, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Blue Bunny Ice Cream original building // LeMars, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Blue Bunny Ice cream statue // LeMars, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Blue Bunny Ice Cream // LeMars, IA


Creekfest 2016 // Blue Bunny Ice Cream // LeMars, IA


Thanks again for reading this post and looking through all those photos! Talk to y’all soon!! Much love, Davianne







Worth & Value

Hey y’all,
Yesterday, a couple different events took place, and those events reminded me of something really, really important. I thought I’d share with y’all what took place and the lessons you can learn from it, because I truly think it’s important for us all to know and remember them in our daily lives. So….

First off, yesterday morning in one of my morning classes, one of the boys brought up this girl (who doesn’t go to our school & is much older than us) who he is literally obsessed with strictly because of her beauty and looks. He doesn’t know her personally, but “creeps” 😉 on her enough on social media or at the gym enough to love every aspect of her physically. The truth about this girl is that she actually covers up A LOT of her natural beauty (she bleaches her hair & teeth every week, fake nails, tons of makeup, pageant girl, etc.). I want to be very clear that I’m not “hating” on this girl or putting her down in ANY way at all. She is indeed a very, very beautiful girl with a great sense of style, too.  I’m simply just stating the facts that we all know, no hate intended at all.

So anyway, he brought her up and was talking about how much of a “goddess”, as he says, she is and what not. He also mentioned about how she and her boyfriend have an “open relationship” meaning that they are technically dating, but still have other relationships with or “talk” to other guys/ girls.
Our sub for that class, who was a part of this whole conversation, then brought up about how although she is stunning on the outside, that’s not really how she is on the inside or underneath. He made some really good points and asked the boy (who originally brought the girl up), “why would you want to be with someone like that? Someone who is not exactly ‘real’, is okay with having multiple relationships with different guys, and is simply only known or ‘popular’ for her looks”.

Of course, the boy didn’t have a good answer or really care because he’ still so caught up in her looks (and probably will be until the day he dies lol), but he did hear what our sub (who is married and totally gets it) was saying.

The second event was at the end of the day yesterday. One of the boy’s in the 7th period Bible class said that all the guys in our grade were completely out of all the girls’ in our grade league or that the guys were far too attractive to be with any of the girls (or the girls aren’t attractive enough to be with any of the guys). The boys in 8th period Bible quickly heard this and announced that they were “going to hug ** the boy because he said everything they have always wanted to say”.

My Bible teacher (who is also married and knows what’s up) quickly responded to them and said that was the most idiotic and non- truthful thing he could have ever said, and the head football coach (who is also married and gets it) told my Bible teacher to count all the boys tardy who went and did that, because he also understood how dumb it was.

As you probably assumed, this sparked a whole new fire between the boys and girls. 90% of the time, when a guy says something offensive to a girl, her reaction is going to be her getting really offended and the defensive to everything else the guy will say. There is really nothing wrong with this all, it’s just what most girls do. For myself though, it’s a little different. I am the type of person that will usually let offensive comments or remarks slid right on by me, especially when it comes to a guy. This is something a lot of people, especially girls, cannot do and something I’m really blessed with (not boasting, just stating ). With that being said, there are many different reasons why I’m able to let things fly by me and not ruin my day. Below I listed them- the things that help me ignore people’s rude comments. And I truly hope that y’all (mainly my ladies) can understand and remember these points the next time someone (more than likely a stupid boy ;)) says something offensive or annoying or hurtful to you. Take a look below…

• Look at who is saying them- in the “out of league” situation, the boys that were saying that were high school, immature, boys who haven’t had girlfriends (and if they have, the girl wasn’t all that and a bag of chips ;)) and are constantly, texting, snapchatting, or DMing the girls to try to get with one.

• They’re looking for a reaction- half the time when people say mean things, especially boys, they are looking for a reaction out of you. They want to see their comment effect you. If it affects you, then it affects them because then they know you heard it and felt it. If you do your best to blow off the rude comment/ person and not let it get to you, you won’t have a reaction (or at least one they can see and take pleasure from).

• Remember that you are the bigger, higher person than them- This kind of ties in with the one above, but if you remember when they are trying to get a reaction out of you that you are a bigger person than them and their rude comments, you most likely won’t have a showable reaction at all. When you don’t have a reaction to something a rude person says, that will make them upset because at once, they may realize that they can’t hurt you. Their mean comments can’t put you down. You are way too strong for all that.

• Know who you find your worth and value in- {this is by far the most important one; I can’t stress it enough!} I have been bullied a lot and had a lot of mean, mean comments said to me in my days, but the main reason I can walk away from them all with my head held higher than it originally was, is because I know who I find my worth and my value in. I find it only in the eyes of the King, in the eyes of the One who loves me and everything about me more than I could ever know or understand completely, in the eyes of Jesus. If you find and base your value and worth only on what others (or high school boys in the “out of league” situation) say, you probably are going to have really, really low self-esteem and confidence because no matter how many nice comments you get, they will never be able to outweigh the mean and hurtful ones of this world. Only Jesus can give you enough strength, confidence and knowledge to understand your true worth and value. Know who you honestly find your worth and value in.

Guys, try to remember today that you are beautiful and great and funny and just pure gold because you are, no matter what anybody else wants to say.

Thanks for reading, Davianne.