Looking Back

Hey guys,

So, if you follow me on any of my social medias you probably already saw this post, but for those of you that don’t or just may have not seen it- I wanted to share this small post with you guys, here on the blog. I hash-tagged the post “real life” because that is exactly what it is. I am being 100% completely honest on where I am at and how I’m growing. I wanted to share this with you all, because I think it’s important for us to be this way with one another. To be able to share our weaknesses and strengths and the learning points we take away from there. For us to be real and not get all caught up in being the “perfect person with no flaws” on social media, etc. and share these lessons with one another because guess what? We are all human. We all have weaknesses and make mistakes. We all have strengths and grow. And we all gain some real good wisdom on this journey that we might as well share with and encourage one another. So, anyway… here’s me doing just that.


“It takes a level of self-love, dedication, and determination to make the greatest choices and live your greatest life. You have to look within. Look at every area of your life and ask yourself if you are truly happy. If this is truly what you want in life and what fulfills your heart. If you can look back some day and have no regrets.”

A year ago today (August 5th), I made a choice. A choice that I don’t regret, but one that I would definitely give more thought to than I did before, if I had the chance again. I made a choice that ended up teaching me so much about myself, what brings me the most joy, what I want in life, what goals I plan to accomplish, and what God really has planned for me. So, so thankful for choices like these that teach us the biggest lessons and give us the most wisdom. #reallife

Thanks for reading guys and letting me be “real”.

Much love to you all. Davianne.




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