Branson Vacation 2016

Hey y’all!

It’s been about a month since we were on vacation, so I thought I’d finally share all the fun details of our trip with y’all! Once again, we (the 10 of us) traveled to Branson, Mo and stayed there for a week. We hit quite a few showers while there, but we were still able to do all of our things we had planned (Thank the Lord πŸ˜‰ haha). Below, there’s details about the “bigger” things we did each day or the “highlights” of our trip. Take a look….

Sunday, June 26th: Just as we do any other trip, we all got up real early and loaded up the vehicles that way we could hit the road and make it to Branson at a decent time. We ate an early breakfast at 7:00 AM at Greenfields and were driving by 8:00. My grandpa, Uncle Scott, and Conner were in grandpa’s pick-up, the lead car. Shaylee, Emily, Katie and I were in the Nissan following the boys. And finally, my Aunt Michelle, and grandma were in the “Michelle Mobile” following us. Sadly, my momma had to work, so she wasn’t able to come down for the first few days, but we were lucky enough to get her for the last few ;).

We drove all the way to Peculiar, MO, which is just outside of Kansas City, before stopping for lunch. We grabbed something quick at Subway and then hit the road again. As tradition, our next stop was at the “famous”Β Osceola Cheese in Osceola, Mo. They have THE best cheese and ice cream and more flavors of them then you could ever imagine! We love, love, love making this delicious stop and taking our picture with the mouse each year (see below)!

Once we left there, we finished the final stretch of driving and arrived in Branson! That night, as part of another tradition, we ate at the Mexican restaurant. Another heavy storm moved in over us that night, but of course being Nebraskans, that didn’t stop us from eating outside. lol. Good food, and good times watching the storm unroll right above us!

Monday, June 27th: Our first “full” day there was pretty relaxed. We ate a yummy breakfast and then spent most of the day shopping at the outlet mall. Then, we went back to the house and just hung out and swam. Nothing too exciting, but still a great day!

Tuesday, June 28th: LAKE DAY! This day was by far my favorite, mainly because we were back on the boat! Also, the weather was absolutely gorgeous! We went out in the afternoon and swam, tubed and cliff-jumped! Love, love, love days like those and wouldn’t trade them for the world.

Wednesday, June 29th: Wednesday was a busy day for us. We started out by eating breakfast at Billy Gail’s. It’s a cute little cafe and they have HUGE pancakes (see picture below)! After that, we went back to the house and hung out and swam, yet again. Then, that night we went to a Murder Mystery Dinner Show. It was something different, something we’ve never done before, but pretty neat! Lastly, that night while everyone else went to the pool, Shaylee, Emily and I decided to head downtown, grab some ice cream, and walk around the historic part of Branson. We got ice cream at one of our favorite places-Mr. B’s Ice Cream Parlor. Lastly, we stopped and watched the brand new Ferris Wheel, they just brought into Branson from Chicago! It was a beautiful night for a quick, little trip for just us girls!

Thursday, June 30th: Each year, we try to set aside a day just for shopping downtown at the AMAZING Branson Landing! This year, we didn’t have too much time to spare, so we only got half a day, but it was still lots of fun! As usual, we ate lunch at Big Whiskey’s Bar & Grill. So, so good!

We only got half a day of shopping in because that night, we went to the Acrobats of China Show. This show was absolutely INCREDIBLE! If you are ever somewhere where there is a show like this, go see it! You definitely won’t regret it. Unfortunately, we couldn’t take videos there…only photos, but still make sure to check them out below!

Lastly, my momma came this night (woooohooooooooo) so that was pretty bomb. πŸ˜‰

Friday, July 1st: Friday, we all got up later than usual, so we went to brunch in historic downtown Branson at the Branson Cafe. This cute, little cafe also happens to be Branson’s oldest restaurant- established in 1910! Despite its’ age, it still has the best food and the best service! πŸ™‚ After that, we all split up and did our own thing for a bit.

Late that afternoon, we all got back together and went to the PHENOMENAL live production of Moses. The show was at/ put on by the Sight & Sound Theater , which is an absolutely beautiful building! There are so many amazing things I could go on and on to y’all about, but I will save you from the never-ending speech πŸ˜‰ and have you just click the link above and check it out yourself. πŸ™‚

Saturday, July 2nd: Saturday morning, we got up, ate, then headed back down to the downtown area of Branson for a bit. After a while, my momma, Shaylee, and I met my grandparents at the Farmhouse Restaurant for lunch. This place was full of home-cooked meals and drinks in mason jars- a place totally after my own heart!

Continuing on from the day before, Saturday afternoon we went back to the Theater for backstage, all-access tour of Moses with some of the actors/actresses. Just like the show, the tour was so, so cool! It was so neat to be able to see the show first and then see how they put it all together and what it takes to really make it come to life!

To say the least, the whole Moses experience was incredibly life-changing and definitely made me want to come back and see all of the Bible stories through a production like that!

Sunday, July 3rd: Sunday was our last day. We, once again, got up real early and loaded everything up- in the pouring rain of course ;)… smh. We ate breakfast at Steak & Shake and then hit the road. My momma, Shaylee and I drove back together, hitting showers every so often. We made a few stops here and there, but mostly this Sunday was dedicated to making the long haul home.


Another vacation in the books! So crazy how time flies by these days, and before we know it, we’ll be back for another year. So beyond thankful to be able to do things like this with my family (and for no hospital visits πŸ˜‰ woooohoooo) and make memories we’ll forever hold close.

Lots of fun pictures below, so make sure to check them out! Thanks for reading. Much love, Davianne.


driving down there // all loaded up!


driving down there // final stretch into Branson


driving down there // KC


driving down there // lunch stop in Peculiar


OTHER photo from the trip // saw this on the way driving down there lol


OTHER photo from the trip // morning of driving down there // CB’s tan lines are too much hahaha


driving down there // Osceola Cheese sign!


day 1 // traditional dinner at the Mexcian restaurant! // yumma


day 1 // homemade guac // yumma


day 3 // lake day!!


day 3 // lake day!!


day 3 // lake day!!


day 4 // Billy Gail’s for breakfast!


the pancakes I was telling y’all about earlier!! // HUGE RIGHT?!


day 4 // Billy Gail’s sign


day 4 // Murder Mystery Dinner


Murder Mystery Dinner // this was one of the actor’s in the show… he was HILARIOUS and had a fun time sneaking up and scaring us all πŸ™‚


day 4 // Ice cream from Mr. B’s // yum n my tum


day 4 // Mr. B’s // yum n my tum


day 4 // ferris wheel so pretty at night πŸ™‚


day 4 // another pic of the ferris wheel // so pretty πŸ™‚


day 5 // Big Whiskey’s!


day 5 // Acrobats of China


day 5 // photo collage #1 of acts from Acrobats of China show


day 5 // photo collage #2 of acts from Acrobats of China Show


day 5 // photo collage #3 of acts from Acrobats of China show


day 5 // photo collage #4 of acts from Acrobats of China Show


day 5 // photo collage #5 of acts from Acrobats of China Show


day 6 // Branson Cafe Menu


day 6 // Branson Cafe Window


day 6 // old fashioned Dr. Pepper from an old fashioned candy store! πŸ™‚


OTHER pic from the trip // ya know we can’t go without our S-bucks πŸ˜‰ hahaha


day 6 // Moses statue


day 6 // casual photo of CB and I at Moses πŸ˜‰


day 6 // screen they put down before the Moses performance… kinda shows how big/long the stage is!


day 7 // lunch at Farmhouse // yum n my tum


day 7 // Farmhouse restaurant // totally a place after my own heart!!


day 7 // backstage all-access passes to Moses


day 7 // the BEAUTIFUL Sight & Sound Theatre


day 7 // one of the coolest parts of Moses is that they use live, trained animals in the show!!


day 7 // the props the use in Moses are also incredible! // part of the stage/props


day 7 // the props the use in Moses are also incredible! // part of the stage/props


day 7 // Sight & Sound has done multiple different Bible stories over the past years // this was part of Noah’s Ark!


OTHER photo from the trip // snuggles & talks with Em πŸ™‚


day 8 // Steak N Shake menu


day 8 // storms as we headed out


OTHER photo from the trip // Em, Shay & I saw this sick car Wednesday night when strolling downtown Branson!


OTHER photo from the trip // look at this fun gorilla ya can sit in!! πŸ™‚


OTHER photo from the trip // Ain’t nothin’ more American than a Independence day Santa folks πŸ˜‰ // fun fact: this fella actually lived in NE for a long period of his life!


day 8 // driving home // Springfield & Starbucks πŸ˜‰


day 8 // driving home // KC


day 8 // driving home // final stretch


day 8 // driving home // finally made it back to NE













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