April 2016


The month of April was a busy one, but not exactly because of fun events. More like busy because of school. There was a few exciting things that took place, however, so read about those below!

April 1: Art Show! This year, I took an Advanced Art class {if you didn’t know, I was in Art 1 last year and created a whole bunch of different stuff- take a look at the pieces by clicking here}. Each year, both art classes combine and put on an art show for the public, where each student displays their piece created to fit into the theme. This year’s theme was Proclaim: Making His Name Known. I painted a deer {okay, technically an Elk if we want to get all specific} on a wood pallet and also put the quote “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference” on it. Although this piece as a whole is mainly about my dad, each part of it represents something that ties into him. The….

Wood Pallet: represents the rustic, country lifestyle my dad lived and loved.

Colors (brown & green): represent all the camouflage things he owned and his style as a whole.

Deer: represents all the hunting he did, and the love he had for it.

Quote: is something we’ve always held onto and really used as a reminder from God in every aspect of life to accept the things we cannot change, have the courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

I tied this piece into the theme by letting people know that even when unexpected, life-changing, terrible things take place, God is still so good and holy and will never let us go.

The art show was held at Destinations Coffee Shop here in town. Make sure to check out the pictures of the final product below.


April 2: Jeff & Keerun’s wedding! On this Saturday, our cousin Jeff got married. the ceremony and reception were both beautiful and we are so happy for both of them!

April 4: Cheer Banquet FINALLY! The banquet is the last event of the season, and this year it was dinner at Dino’s. So good to wrap up that season, but bittersweet as it was the last time most of the girls, including myself, would do related to cheerleading. a deep post about all of that coming soon.

April 23: Eagle Races with Michael :)… Season Opener!

April 29: This Friday night, a few friends and I went to dinner at Hacienda Real and bowling. Good times, good times.

April 30: BRANTLEY GILBERT CONCERT!!! Brantley Gilbert, Michael Ray, and Cannan Smith at PBA. foreverrrr loving concerts man 😉

that’s a wrap for April. simple, but still memorable. thanks for reading. much love, Daviannne.



cheer banquet with my people



gorgeous sunset over Eagle raceway



photos from the Brantley Gilbert concert



not the best photos of my pallet, better ones coming real soon!


not the best photos of my pallet, better ones coming real soon!



low quality photo, high quality wedding crashers 😉 // Jeff & Keerun’s wedding


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