A Peek Into June 2016

Hey hey!

So, while I have some down time for a little bit thanks to this Mono, I thought I’d catch y’all up on the other things I did or have been doing this month. There’s not too much, but there is some, so take a look below.

June 3: Bret Michaels, FireHouse, Warrant, and Dokken concert. Obviously, I listen to WAY more country music than I do rock, but I have been raised around this music to an extent, so the concert was still lots of fun and enjoyable. It was held at Stir Cove, which is in Council Bluffs, behind Harrah’s Hotel & Casino. There was a little bit of a rain delay, but once the storm passed through, it was all good and we were ready to roll!

All the bands were good, but Bret Michaels was amazing! He is a crazy good entertainer and definitely knows how to put on a show! It was so cool to be that close to the stage {the photos below in the collage, are “no zoom” photos. at all. they show just how close we were to Bret}, with that many people who just straight up love good music!

June 4: June 4th was a Saturday night, so y’all know that means race night! Since it was Customer Appreciation Night and the tickets from the week before were being accepted due to a previous postponing, it was packedddd. But other than that, it was all good vibes. Afterwards, Michael, David, Shaylee, Momma, and I all grab a late night din din at good ole’ Hi-way Diner. πŸ™‚

June 6: I spent this Tuesday night hanging out with Yaya and Karmen. The three of us haven’t been together in a while, so we finally got together and just chilled at Karmen’s house. good, good times.

June 8: Unfortunate, summer- alternating doctor’s appointment. 😦 If you didn’t hear all about it before, read about itΒ here.

June 10: ESCAPED INMATES IN FIELDS NEXT TO THE BUILDING, IN LOCK-DOWN WITH ONE SHOTGUN, HELICOPTERS OVER HEAD AND COPS ALL OVER WITH LOADED AND READY RIFLES. June 10th was the day the two inmates escaped from the corrections center here in Lincoln {they’re caught now, thank goodness}, and they just so happened to end up right next to us. That is the short version of what the day was like, so if you ever wanna know the whole, long version…. ask me in person. πŸ™‚ P.S- Dawn, Sierra and I made the news and were in the Lincoln Journal Star paper for it, so make sure to check out that photo below. ha.

June 14: C & L Dairy Sweet- After dinner this Tuesday night, my momma, Shaylee and I decided to drive up to C & L and grab a sweet treat. yumma, yumma.

June 15: Nothing too big on this day, but after dinner with my momma, there was a GORGEOUS sunset pic. The photo below has no filter {lol}, and just naturally shows just how amazing of an artist God is. So, so cool. πŸ™‚

June 16: This day was a lot of fun :)… I got to spend most of it with my momma, doing a whole bunch of different errands. One of those errands was taking a quick little road trip up to Syracuse, Nebraska. While we there, I convinced her to stop at Jo-Bob’s, which is the cutest, most delicious little ice cream shop, {right along with C & L :)}. That day was super hot too, so thank goodness we were able to get something cold!

June 17: Oh boy, this Friday was one of the hardest, most tiring days of the year {especially for my momma} for a bunch of different reasons. That night though, Shaylee, my Aunt Holly and I were able to go spend some time together and eat some crazy good food at one of our favorite places- Texas T-bone Steakhouse. After that, we went back to our house, waited for my momma then just us girls talked and talked for about 3 hours, late into the night. By the end, we were exhausted but, it was all so relaxing and much, much needed.

June 18: Last Saturday afternoon, my Aunt Holly was back in town, so Shaylee and I went with her again and ran a whole bunch of different errands and ended the night, eating at AppleBee’s. Good, good day.

June 19: Father’s Day! My momma, Shaylee and I started out the day in Omaha again, going to church. We did some shopping in Omaha and then stopped in GretnaΒ  at the Outlet Mall, to do a little more shopping. Once we were back in Lincoln, we ran a few more errands. For Father’s Day, the whole fam went to dinner downtown, at the Flatwater Bistro in the Haymarket. So thankful for Sundays like that one and all the men in my life, who are so, so loved and appreciated.

That’s about it for this month so far. I’m looking forward to kicking this Mono out completely, vacationing with my family, and the 4th of July {OR MY MOMMAS FREAKING BIRTHDAY!!!} coming up! My family and I do leave for Branson this weekend and won’t be back til the 3rd of July. I will try to update as much as I can, but I’m not sure when exactly that will be sooooo… hang tight and I will see you when I see you. πŸ™‚

Thanks for reading. Much love, Davianne.

**SIDE NOTE**: I will probably been posting lots of pics from each day in Branson on the @Peaceful.Simplicity Instagram page, so if you don’t follow that already… please do! You can click here or search Peaceful.Simplicity on Instagram. Thanks, guys!**


Bret Michaels Collage. No zoom on those photos, we were that close. Bottom pic shows just how many people were there that stood, doesn’t include all the people who sat in chairs behind that crowd and all the people in the balconies above.


More Bret Michaels stuff


races // June 4


OTHER picture from June // Royals blanket and my pup… all I need in life πŸ™‚


OTHER pic from June // gotta get my nail pic in of course πŸ˜‰


Karen from June 7 // the HAWK ate CHICKEN for dinner… smh. πŸ˜‰


“she was a curious girl, a wanderer, who spent her summers chasing fluttering pieces of prose and eating strawberries”


here we are checking out all the ruckus before we had to go into lock down // I’m in the red- Sierra is on my left and Dawn is on my right // State Patrol also made the photo πŸ˜‰


just some of our Sheriff friends from that day “chillin” in the parking lot


kinda hard to see, but pic of the helicopter flying back and forth over us.


June 13 // we had some heavy storms but in small amounts // there was huge, beautiful rainbow that filled the sky after!


same photo as the one above, but this one has a filter, so it’s a little easier to see the rainbow πŸ™‚


from C & L


June 15 // the BEAUTIFUL sunset pic, I was telling y’all about // no filter


Jo-Bob’s sign!


Jo-Bob’s!! Syracuse, Nebraska


OTHER pic from June // doodle vibes πŸ™‚


Texas T-Bone Steakhouse menu // yumma yumma


OTHER pic from June // Miss Kallll πŸ™‚


OTHER pic from June // yummy yummy


OTHER pic from June // love love love


**SIDE NOTE**: I will probably been posting lots of pics from each day in Branson on the @Peaceful.Simplicity Instagram page, so if you don’t follow that already… please do! You can click here or search Peaceful.Simplicity on Instagram. Thanks, guys!**

Strength Through Weakness

2 Corinthians 12: 9-10 “But He said to me ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”Β 

Hey guys,

So, for a while now I have been feeling really under the weather, but especially during the past few days. Finally, I went to the doctor, yesterday afternoon, and they did a few different tests. One of those tests was a test for MONO. The results came back positive, so therefore I, obviously, do have Mono.

The symptoms of Mono {all of which I have} include: major, major fatigue, loss of appetite, bad headache, photophobia, soreness and reddening in/on the throat and tonsils, along with white patches on the tonsils, swollen lymph nodes, cough, fever, chills, aches, enlargement of the spleen, abdonimal pain, and nausea. On top of all of those things, there is no medicine to cure Mono. You simply have to wait it out and let it run its’ course.

At first, I was so mad at myself and my body for getting this. I was so mad that my body let “itself” get this sick, to the point where there was nothing I could do about it. I was mad that I didn’t know exactly when or where I got it from. Β I was mad that Mono takes so long to heal (usually about 2 months a.k.a the entire summer), and I can’t be around certain people. Β I was mad that I could do nothing, but sleep as much as I can and lay down/ rest constantly. And I was mad that because of this, I probably won’t be able to go on my family vacation or do any of the other fun things I had planned this summer.

I was sitting there thinking that there HAS to be something I can do, to get rid of this thing a bit faster, I mean SOMETHING has to help. So, I went online and started doing research. I read a lot about Mono, the virus itself and where it comes from {fancy body-term wise}. I also found a whole bunch of things you can do to help it; just what I was looking for!

You know sometimes when you read one article about a person doing something that helped them, and then you read another one about a different person doing the exact same thing, but it didn’t help them? Surprisingly, that wasn’t the case for this! I read through about 20 {no joke} different articles about people doing/suggesting the same things over and over, and ALL of them, had the same, good results! Obviously, I’m not naive and thinking that “Oh since it worked for those people, it will automatically work for me”, but I was thinking “Why not at least try it?”. It’s better to give these things a shot and see if they might help cure the Mono faster, than sitting here and doing nothing to help it progress at all.

Along with finding all this, I came to the realization that if I was going to do these things, I needed to quit being mad and petty at/towards myself for something that wasn’t my fault, and work as a team with my body. I know it sounds silly, but really. Apparently, my body is a little {okay, a lot} broke down right now and needs some help getting back to normal. If I don’t work and take care of my body, it really will take FOREVER to get back to being all good and healthy.

Yeah, I’m still bummed out and feel like total crap, but in reality… who am I to be complaining? I could be throwing up {which I hate}, in the hospital, having multiple surgeries, etc. but I am not. You know, there are so many more people out there that are struggling and have it a lot worse than I do right now, and so really who am I to complain? I might as well be positive and deal with what I got/ work towards fixing it as much as I can, because being negative will get me nowhere. And I mean nowhere.

Lastly, I have challenged myself to really seek, and spend more time with God during this resting period, than I usually would. I really want to grow my relationship with Him, discover more about who He is and what He is trying to show or tell me through this. I know that even though I’m so weak right now, He is still so strong and so mighty, and together we will conquer this. 2 Corinthians 12: 9-10 “But He said to me ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me. That is why, for Christ’s sake, I delight in weaknesses, in insults, in hardships, in persecutions, in difficulties. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”Β NIV

Soooo, recap on my life right now: I have Mono. It has no medicine for a cure, it just has to run its’ course. I am doing a lot of things to help it get moving a little faster; we will see how it works out. I am struggling real bad with it, but I am also trying real hard to stay positive with it. I am challenging myself and also asking for lots of prayer that I may overall:

  1. Rest lots and work with my body as much as I can so that I may be healthy again
  2. Find and spend time with God throughout this trial and really see/ hear what He is doing/ saying to me/ my heart.
  3. Stay positive and know that I have the strength of the Lord and already am a conquerer with Him on my side.
  4. Also, prayers for my family and other friends I might happen to be around- that they don’t get this and just stay healthy. Mono is very, very contagious and horrible to go through, so I hope that I’m the only one who deals with it, not the others.

Thanks friends for reading my rants and hardships and for any prayers you shoot up for me. πŸ™‚ I will keep y’all updated as this journey keeps plugging along, but until then…

Much, much love. Davianne


Mono gloves and my water jar lol // using these two babies like noneeee otherrrr



May 2016


May was packed with a whole bunch of different stuff such as Mother’s Day, the Luke Bryan concert, the last day of school, Memorial Day and so much more! Read about all of these fun events and so many more below. πŸ™‚

May 1: A few months ago, my momma, Shaylee, and I switched and started going to church up in Omaha at Brookside {check them out here}, and we absolutely LOVE it! So anyway, we usually spend our Sundays up there doing stuff, and that week, on May Day, we happened to check out this cute, little coffee shop called Fox Hollow Coffee. Good drinks and good vibes- one we will definitely be going back to.

May 7: Saturday nights- mean Eagle nights, so the to track we went!

May 8: Mother’s Day! My momma, Shaylee, & I went to church then spent the earlier afternoon together. Later that day, we went to my cousin’s house, where the 10 of us got together and spent the holiday together and ate some real good food. So blessed by the women in my family and all they do for us! lots and lots of love for ’em. πŸ™‚

May 12: LUKE BRYAN FREAKING CONCERT!! Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, and Dustin Lynch at Century Link Center in O-town. These guys are some of my favorite artists, and they were so, so, so good! Pictures from this amazing night below.

May 14: Kallie’s graduation party! I LOVE Kallie and her family with my whole heart and they mean so much to me, so I was so excited to be around them again! Kallie is one of my very best friends and was such a great leader, captain, and supporter throughout both years I cheered with her. I made her this really special gift to kinda show and remind just how thankful I am for all the memories I have with her, especially from when we cheered. Take a look at the gift in the pictures below.

Also, on May 14th, Dominica and I finally got to sit down with our old cheer coach, Rachel, and just chat and have some coffee. Rachel recently moved to Omaha, and so we don’t see her as much as we used or like to, but we still try to get with her every chance we get. She was such an amazing coach, leader, and friend, and so when we had to switch coaches, it was really hard. Then on top of that, we had a really, really horrible and hard year of cheer this past season, and so to be able to just let it all out to someone we trust, and then hear her incredible wisdom on taking the next steps and making the next choices, was much needed. She has the biggest heart for Jesus, and the best personality, and so to be able to be with her again was so refreshing and encouraging. The love and admiration I have for Rachel is SO big and I am so beyond thankful that God brought her in my life.

May 21: This Saturday was a busy, busy day. It started out with my momma, Shaylee, and I heading down to the farmer’s market in the Haymarket. There’s always tons of people, but the delicious food and good buys are always so worth it! After that, the three of us grabbed lunch atΒ Honest Abe’sΒ here in town, which was also yum in the tum. Next, we ran into Ben Franklin craft and supply store since they will closed for good, here soon {so sad :(}. Finally, that night I picked up Yaya and we went to a class party/hangout at one of our classmates {Isaiah’s} house. Overall, the whole day was a whole lotta fun!

May 29: Another Sunday spent in Omaha, but this time we went to one of their farmer’s market. Different from Lincoln’s, this one was a lot more spread out, but still had just as great vendors.

May 30: Memorial Day! For this year’s Memorial Day, my momma, Shaylee, and I didn’t do too much- we spent the day/night with my grandparents at their house. The weather was finally warm enough, so we got to grill out good, good food and relax out there with them.

So, so thankful for our troops who sacrafice their lives, so that we can have the freedom we do. This great country wouldn’t be anything if we didn’t have them and they will never, ever be forgotten.

May 31: Tuesdays are movie days, so that night, Shaylee, Michael and I saw one. πŸ™‚

Well, that’s that. May was a lot of fun, but I am so thankful Summer is finally here! {Not looking forward to the hot, hot temps, but that’s another story. ;)} Thanks for reading, and much, much love…. Davianne.


Fox Hollow Coffee


Fox Hollow Coffee


Eagle Raceway // May 7


rainbow picture after a set of bad storms we had in the month of May


random picture from May // you know me- i love my long nails and my hot pink πŸ˜‰


Luke Bryan, Little Big Town, & Dustin Lynch pictures


more Luke Bryan stuff


Kal’s graduation party πŸ™‚


front side of Kal’s grad gift I made // hangs on the wall too πŸ™‚


backside of her grad gift // sorry about the poor handwriting- i was in a hurry, lol // it reads: Kallie, Happy Graduation!! Thank you for being a leader, supporter, and encourager througout the entire seasons that we got to cheer together! You worked so hard and were an amazing captain, despite all the stuff you went through! I’m so thankful that God brought us together through cheerleading and art, and I can now call you one of my best friends! Thank you for loving country music as much as I do πŸ˜‰ & never letting me down! I love you! Congrats, Kal! You did it! Much love, Davianne


another thing about Kal’s gift, sent from her πŸ™‚


farmer’s market


Honest Abe’s // yumma


Ellie πŸ™‚ // class party


another random picture from May // flowers & the penny at dad’s


another random picture from May // pretty skies after another big set of storms


another random picture from May // beautiful sunset on a summer night


Memorial Day grillin // yummy yummy



April 2016


The month of April was a busy one, but not exactly because of fun events. More like busy because of school. There was a few exciting things that took place, however, so read about those below!

April 1: Art Show! This year, I took an Advanced Art class {if you didn’t know, I was in Art 1 last year and created a whole bunch of different stuff- take a look at the pieces by clickingΒ here}. Each year, both art classes combine and put on an art show for the public, where each student displays their piece created to fit into the theme. This year’s theme was Proclaim: Making His Name Known.Β I painted a deer {okay, technically an Elk if we want to get all specific} on a wood pallet and also put the quote “God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference” on it. Although this piece as a whole is mainly about my dad, each part of it represents something that ties into him. The….

Wood Pallet: represents the rustic, country lifestyle my dad lived and loved.

Colors (brown & green): represent all the camouflage things he owned and his style as a whole.

Deer: represents all the hunting he did, and the love he had for it.

Quote: is something we’ve always held onto and really used as a reminder from God in every aspect of life to accept the things we cannot change, have the courage to change the things we can, and wisdom to know the difference.

I tied this piece into the theme by letting people know that even when unexpected, life-changing, terrible things take place, God is still so good and holy and will never let us go.

The art show was held at Destinations Coffee Shop here in town.Β Make sure to check out the pictures of the final product below.


April 2: Jeff & Keerun’s wedding! On this Saturday, our cousin Jeff got married. the ceremony and reception were both beautiful and we are so happy for both of them!

April 4: Cheer Banquet FINALLY! The banquet is the last event of the season, and this year it was dinner at Dino’s. So good to wrap up that season, but bittersweet as it was the last time most of the girls, including myself, would do related to cheerleading. a deep post about all of that coming soon.

April 23: Eagle Races with Michael :)… Season Opener!

April 29: This Friday night, a few friends and I went to dinner at Hacienda Real and bowling. Good times, good times.

April 30: BRANTLEY GILBERT CONCERT!!! Brantley Gilbert, Michael Ray, and Cannan Smith at PBA. foreverrrr loving concerts man πŸ˜‰

that’s a wrap for April. simple, but still memorable. thanks for reading. much love, Daviannne.



cheer banquet with my people



gorgeous sunset over Eagle raceway



photos from the Brantley Gilbert concert



not the best photos of my pallet, better ones coming real soon!


not the best photos of my pallet, better ones coming real soon!



low quality photo, high quality wedding crashers πŸ˜‰ // Jeff & Keerun’s wedding