**okay, so I’ve been waiting to post this because i still needed to up load all the photos… well turns out i ended up getting A MUCH BETTER temporary phone in the mean time, but i am unable to get all the pictures from my old phone to upload to here. sooo here is this post with very few photos to look at. 😦 sorry, guys. **

hey y’all,

it’s been awhile, and i’m sorry for that. early last month, my phone screen completely cracked, to the point where i couldn’t (and still can’t) turn on the phone whatsoever and lost a few of my photo albums, etc. aka stuff, i totally wished i would have had permanently saved :(. my contract isn’t up until June, so right now i’m stuck with a temporary phone. it’s one, that makes using it to post on my blog extra difficult, so that’s why the updates have been slow.

but anyway… March is one of, if not, my favorite month and lots of exciting things took place throughout it. here they are below, with details about each one to go along with 🙂

March 3rd: first round Girls State Basketball tournament. this beginning game was held at the Bob Devaney Sports Complex here in town. We played Mitchell, and won 67-27! our game was in the early morning, so we ended up getting the rest of the day off. Dominica, Kallie, Mattie, Brady, and i ended up spending the afternoon together, grabbing a quick lunch at HuHot and then went to the arena, to watch other schools play.

March 4th: the next day, was the second round of the tournament. the game was held at PBA and we played Pierce. this game was HUGE because not only was Pierce, 3-time state champions, but, the team who we lost to last year, also in the second round of the tournament. depsite the tension, the girls played amazing as always, and ended up beating them 53-44 and ended their streak. it was so cool to be able to come back as a school and overcome something that once caused so much dissappointment and heartbreak, and still be humble and grateful about the entire thing as a whole. once again, we had the rest of the day off to do what we grandparents made it back from the month in South Padre Island, Texas just in time for the games. since i hadn’t seen them in what seemed like forever, i immediatley  went to spend some time with them. my sister and i ended up meeting them for lunch, that afternoon. the four of us decided on Lazlo’s downtown in the Haymarket and it was delicious!  afterwards, I met up with Dominica and we headed back over to the arena to watch more games. we stayed there for most of the day and ended up eating dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings, also downtown in the Haymarket, and then went back, finishing up our night, watching more basketball.

March 5th: championship game/ final round of the Girls State Basketball tournament 2016! like the day before, this game was held at the Pinnacle Bank Arena, again. we played Kearney Catholic, and after a tough, tough game, going against the refs the entire time up until the end, we lost 39-37, within the last few seconds. hard, hard loss, but still, we couldn’t be more proud of our girls and all their work throughout the season! once again, that afternoon into the night, Minn and i stayed and watch more games. we ate at a Mellow Mushroom, which was sooo good! later that night, Mattie joined us and we just hung out at Minn’s house, finishing up the great weekend. fun photos from that below.

March 12th: the following weekend was of course, Boys State Basketball. this Saturday, the 12th, also happened to be the day before Dominica’s 16th birthday. since her parents were out of town, and we were planning on hanging out anyway, she tagged along early in the day with my momma,sister, and cousins. we picked her up from her casa and then, the 6 of us went to lunch at Olive Garden. yumma. after that, Minn, my cousins- Amber and Sabrina, and I headed down to the arena to watch basketball again, but this time boys, not girls. since, my Aunt Holly was gone on a trip, Shaylee was staying with Amber and Sabrina at their house. Because it was the weekend, and i hadn’t been with them for quite awhile, i tagged along and spent the night with them too, there in Crete, which was lots of fun!

March 13th: besides Minn’s birthday, i didn’t do anything too exciting. although, that night, my other family (the regular 10), all grabbed dinner at Red Robin. it’s always refreshing to be with them, doing something simple and something my heart {and stomach ;)} always love. we had quite the adventure that night, check it out below.

March 21st: first official day of Spring break {finally!}. nothing too except, a nice night for a baseball game with my momma and sister. 🙂

March 25th: final day of Spring break {:(}. yet, another nice night at the baseball game, but this time, just with my momma. and it was a whole lot colder. good thing she gives THE BEST mom snuggles ;).

March 26th: THE FREAKIN CARRIE UNDERWOOD CONCERT. ugh, she’s just absolutely phenomenal. the show was at PBA, and Shaylee and i went with my Aunt Michelle, and Conner, Emily and Katie. not often, we all get to go to something like that together, so lots and lots of thanks to my momma for getting us the tickets! 🙂 all the feels from that, below.

March 27th: Easter! my momma, Shaylee and i went to church up in Omaha {which was AMAZING}, and then later that afternoon the fam got together at my cousin’s house. since every restaraunt was most likely to be booked, and the weather was beautiful, we decided on just eating at home. my uncle and grandpa grilled steaks on the grill and the girls prepared the side dishes inside. our meal was delicious, as always. afterwards, we all opened our gifts from my grandparents, that they so kindly bring us back from their trip to Texas/ Mexico. overall, the day was wonderful, just being able to spend it with those i love, celebrating the GREATEST victory of all! Christ is {STILL} risen, He is risen indeed!

March 28th: another baseball game with my momma and Shay. some of the best nights, i tell you.

March 29th: early birthday dinner with my family! we all got together, and ate dinner at Lazlo’s. so thankful for them, and all the love they show me!

March 30th: my birthday! sadly, for the first year in who knows how long, i had to go school (i know, i know) instead of having the day off because it fell over Spring break. it was kinda cool though, to be surrounded all day by friends. that night, we actually ended up having to go to a funeral visitation back in York, but it was alright. when we were finished with that, my grandma, grandpa, mom and i grabbed a late dinner, at Applebee’s there and kinda had another, little birthday celebration, ending off my special day. even though, it’s not exactly how someone would plan to spend a big birthday like it was, i wouldn’t change it for the world. it was so calm and simple, but yet content and fulfilling, and for that i am grateful. thanks to all my friends and family for making feel extra loved and special on that day. im thankful for another year and beyond excited to see what adventures it brings!

that’s a wrap for the month of March. it was crazy busy, but had a lot of exciting, unforgettable memories. thank you for being understanding and patient. i can’t say when i’ll post next, mostly because of my phone issue… but until then,

thanks for reading. much, love Davianne.

**okay, so I’ve been waiting to post this because i still needed to up load all the photos… well turns out i ended up getting A MUCH BETTER temporary phone in the mean time, but i am unable to get all the pictures from my old phone to upload to here. sooo here is this post with very few photos to look. 😦 sorry, guys. **

State Basketball 2016


Performance at PBA

lol this is funny to me 

mid jump lol

State Basketball 2016

performance at Bob Devaney 


performance at PBA

again lolol

no better word than phenomenal to describe Carrie Underwood and the show she puts on! last night was such a blast and there’s no doubt we would go see Carrie again! smile emoticon || also, Happy Easter!! hope y’all got to spend it with those you love, celebrating the GREATEST victory of all! Christ is risen, He is risen indeed!! || ‪#‎storytellertour‬‪#‎carrieunderwood‬‪#‎eastoncorbin‬‪#‎theswonbrothers‬‪#‎pba‬‪#‎Heisrisen‬‪#‎happyeaster‬


At dinner with the entire family and just got our food, when a little girl and her brother {who we don’t know} come up to the side of the table next to Conner & I. They didn’t say anything, just preceeded to knock down Conner’s fries and throw a little note to him, then ran away. Turns out Conner was getting hit on! 😂😂 A little while later as we are finishing up with our meal, another little girl comes up to the same side of the table, and ask me what my name is and then runs off to a different table than what the first 2 kids were from. never, never a dull moment in our lives 😂


// April 28 \\

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