Valentine’s Day/ Lil Poms Clinic 2016

hey there,

Quote: “Give God your weaknesses and He’ll give you His strength”

this week was crazy busy, mostly because it was the week before State Cheer, so each night usually was consisted of cheer practices and such! although, there were three major events that were a lot of fun and took up most of the weekend!  here’s what they were:

February 12: every year, my cheer leading squad does a Valentine’s Day fundraiser, where students or staff from the school can order an item for another loved one. we sell all sorts of things such as: roses, heart balloons, chocolates, Eileen’s cookies, conversation hearts, different sized teddy bears, etc. and then deliver it to the receiving person the day or so before Valentine’s Day! so this year, on Friday, the 12th, that’s what we did! 🙂 we got to school early in the mornin’ and got everything ready to go then sent the orders out. this is one of our favorite fundraisers/ holidays to do, because we get to spend time with one another and really just share the extra love with others! cute photos below from that, so check ’em out!

February 13: Lil Poms Clinic! this year, our Lil Poms Clinic happened to fall right after our V-day fundraiser which was a super stressful and tiring process getting it all ready at the same time, but overall we were able to pull it off and have a great time! On this Saturday, once again we got to school bright and early, and set up for the clinic. the girls who participated, were dropped off about 9:00 AM. we divide them into 3 different age groups, and teach them: a cheer, dance, motions, and jumps. they also get a t-shirt to match us, mini poms and a snack. at 12:00, their families and/or friends come and we preform it for them. then, they leave and come back later that night to the boys basketball game, and we preform it at halftime for the entire crowd! this is another one of our top favorite events of the year because, the little girls are absolutely adorable and it’s so exciting to be able to teach them about what it’s like to follow your dreams and actually be a cheerleader! pictures from this, also below!

February 14: Valentine’s Day! every year, my momma, Shaylee, and i usually go somewhere or do something special in remembrance of my dad’s birthday, which is the 13th, but like i told y’all earlier i had Lil Poms that day. Because of that, we couldn’t really go too far, so we ended up just taking a quick trip up to Omaha, and spending the day there! we went shopping at few different places, and ate dinner at this delicious restaurant- Carabba’s Italian Grill. if you are ever in O-town and looking for somewhere good to eat, i definitely recommend going there!

my quote for this week was “Give God your weaknesses and He’ll give you His strength”, in case you didn’t catch that above. the times that i really found it playing in and helping me the most was at night after the long, long days or early in the morning when i had to get up before the sun was out, and i was so worn out and exhausted and really just needed that extra encouragement and reminder.

thanks for reading and don’t forget to check out the photos below! i hope you all had a fantastic week and wonderful holiday with your families, and really felt the love! 🙂 much love, Davianne.



from Valentine’s Day 2016


from Valentine’s Day 2016


Valentine’s Day 2016 w Yaya 


Mattie 🙂 // Valentine’s Day 2016


Lil Poms Clinic 2016 // squad with Mr.G 🙂


Lil Poms Clinic 2016


Lil Poms Clinic 2016


Mattie // Lil Poms Clinic 2016


ya know 😉


Valentine’s Day gifts 2016 + flowers that aren’t show 🙂




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