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hey there,

at the beginning of each week, i write out all my plans for the upcoming days on a board in my room, to help me keep track of everything that’s taking place. along with that, i pick out and write down a quote that i look back on throughout the week, one to remember and live by.

i’ve been thinking a lot and have decided that each Sunday, the day i usually switch to the new week, I’m going to {hopefully} post on here, giving an update of my weekend & the quote i had for that week, and maybe share how it impacted or came into play for different events throughout my week.

with that being said, here’s my week/weekend recap for today:

•quote: “it might take a year, it might take a day, but what’s meant to be will always find it’s way”

this week, as in the 5 days, was pretty boring when it comes to big events happening, but we did have 2 snow days thanks to the big snow storm. ❄⛄ it was nice to be able to stay in and warm, catch up on some missing hours of sleep, and get some things done around the house.

although, yesterday was an exciting day because not only did we get to cheer at basketball games, but it was also Parents Night & we preformed our State Routine in front of the crowd for the final time before we compete at the real thing in a couple of weeks! ❤💙 🎀 👌thankful that they take the time to recognize the cheerleaders, and our parents, and all the hard work and time we put in. 😊

there wasn’t a specific event, i guess, that the quote played into this week, but rather more of the little moments. I’ve been working really hard on remembering to be patient with God and trust that He has a plan, and it is the greatest plan of all. So, throughout the week when i was feeling impatient or frustrated with how things were working out, i would go back to this quote & remind myself that what is meant to be takes time, but will always find its way.

I’m so excited to take on this next week as it is not only Valentine’s Day, but also full of cheer things and a very special day for my family- remembering my daddy’s birthday. 💕 i can’t wait to start this new part of my blog and see how it all plays out! 👌 be sure to check out the photos below.

thanks for reading. much love, Davianne. ❤

FB_IMG_1454838859233from the dance

FB_IMG_1454838952533from the dance

FB_IMG_1454839114438from the dance

FB_IMG_1454839227792right after we finished 🙂

Snapchat-9071865325674432810gameday with my favorite hawk 💚

Snapchat-1603994042776872581best part of snow days ❄😋

*to view all the photos from our performance, click here.


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