Christmas 2015

hey y’all,

i hope you all had a fantastic Christmas and were able to spend some quality time with family and friends, creating memories and cherishing the holiday together. 🎄🎅 here’s a recap of how i took on the crazy holiday week.

Tuesday: last Tuesday, a few days before Christmas, my cheer squad preformed our Christmas routine at the girls basketball game. 🏀😁 🎀 this routine is always super fun because it’s our “chill” one where we just put together the silly, fun stuff we wouldn’t normally get to do. we also get to wear super cute santa hats & long, elf style socks. 😁👌 that night was alumni night, so the gym was extra packed… and extra warm.🔥 but it was alright, we didn’t melt 😉 {even though we sure thought we would 😂}. a video of the performance will be up on Facebook, so check it out there 😊

Thursday: Christmas Eve! 🎄🎅 Thursday night, we went over to my Aunt Michelle’s & Uncle Scott’s house, like we do every year. my family, the 10 of us, always eats a big, soup dinner then open gifts from each other. this year, we changed up and attended the 9:00 church service instead of the earlier one. my momma, sister, grandparents and i all went to that, then went home for the night.

Friday: Christmas day! 🎄🎅 early that morning, we opened our gifts from “santa” and got back with the fam and ate another big, delicious breakfast together, celebrating Jesus’ birthday! 🎉🎈🎂 🎁 my cousins leave to go to a lunch with the other side of their family and the rest of us clean up and then relax for a little bit together, just hanging out. 👌❤ later that night, my momma, Shaylee and i spent time with Michael, doing gifts and eating dinner with him.😊 i was blessed with a bundle of amazing gifts, but i have chosen not to share them as i know others don’t get the chance to receive like i do, and in the end it doesn’t really matter.

im excited for the new year that’s just around the corner and to see what it holds! 👌😁 thanks for reading. hope you all have a wonderful week! 😊👍

much love, Davianne ❤


these super sweet people paid for our drinks in the drive-thru at Starbucks on Christmas 😊 it’s the little things


Conner sporting his new helment on the hoover board 👌


delicious breakfast Christmas morn


ladies of the fam


fab five 😉 with grandma and grandpa