Weekend Recap

hey y’all,

this weekend was a crazy busy, but extremely fun one. 🙂 here’s what took place:

Friday, the 11th: basketball games against our rivals, Lincoln Lutheran! we were at their place this year, and it was packed. 😮 girls, of course, won and boys had a rough loss. the kid from LL summed the night up well, saying something like that everyone always has that game circled on their calendars, and LCS always beats them in football, so it’s fun to see what happens in basketball. 🏀👌 sadly, one of our players got hurt and had to be taken to the hospital. even though, the situation was heart-breaking, it was absolutely amazing that 2 rival schools could come together as one and pray before God as brothers & sisters in Christ. 🙏👌 ahhh, still gives me chills thinking about. ❤❤ super cool pic of that below.

Saturday, the 12th: back to back basketball! 🏀 Saturday, we had to cheer for more basketball games, but this time we were home and played Sutton. once again, girls slayed 😉 and creamed ’em. 💁 then, surprisingly the boys won their game! 😱😱😱 totally shocked us all  because they haven’t had a very good season. but, they played strong all the way til the end, and got the dub. 😂😂👌👌 exciting night for us all!

Sunday, the 13th: each year, a side of my family gets together for our traditional family Christmas. there are 2 reasons this get together is one of my favs:

• the event is held in teeny, tiny, small town Pawnee City, Nebraska {which is by the way, where Dan Whitney AKA Larry the Cable Guy is from 😉💯}. my heart will always have a place for small towns and i absolutely love hitting the road, and headed out there. 😊😊💕

• this is one of those reunions where we get to see family memebers, that we rarely get to see at other times throughout the year. it’s always fun to catch up and spend some time together. 👌

the weather was not the best, it literally rained the entire day and was a bit cold, but we didn’t melt. 😉 other than that, it was a great end to the weekend and time well spent!

December has already been packed, and i can’t wait to see what else it brings 👌 im so pumped for the holiday and time with family coming up 🎅🎄, but until then, here’s to barely making it through the next few weeks and stressful days 😪, counting down every second until we’re done!

thanks for reading. much love, Davianne ❤


student section prayin together


Lincoln Christian & Lincoln Lutheran, fans, players, coaches, & cheerleaders praying together as a whole


photo w bffs from Friday’s game 🙂 💕


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