it was a fairly disappointing day and i really need to get my mind off things, so here i am 😕💕

i don’t really have anything certain that i want to write about right now, but i do want to post something. i also need a bit of encouragement i guess, in some way. therefore, i took these 2 things, combined them, and decided i was going to check out my Pinterest. i went specifically to my ‘quotes & verses’ board and chose the 10 most recent pins i had on there. no matter what they were, i read them, and automatically i was in a better mood. seriously people, positivity HAS an impact on your life. there’s a great quote that really says it all- “surround yourself with positive energy. good vibes translates into good moods and better health all around.” honestly, so true!

sometimes, you have to push through the struggle {disappointment in my case} and take those steps to try and fix it. even if it means looking at pictures of cute pups or reading happy sayings. 🙂 don’t let yourself always get so down, you’re too good for all that! 😛 here’s my 10 below:


thank you for reading 😊 much love, Davianne