late July recap


so hopefully you have already read about, in my previous posts, my trips that took place in early July. if not check them out here and here. anyway, i thought that i would finish out the month of July and update what took place during the last few weeks.

July 16: Kenny Chesney & Chase Rice concert! the concert was part of Kenny’s Big Revival Tour and took place at the Pinnacle Bank Arena. i have been listening to Kenny for a long, long time and know all of his songs {old & new}, so i really enjoyed finally seeing him! plus Chase Rice, i mean c’mon 😍, awesome songs, talented musician, & extremely good looking 😉… can’t pass that up! 👌 see photos here.

July 18: my cousin, Bridget’s & her now-husband, Wade’s wedding in Falls City, Nebraska. a long jaunt, but totally worth it! they are such a cute couple and their big day was so beautiful! best of wishes to them now & forever!  💕💒💐💍

July 24: Grenta Outlet Malls & Mahoney Park with yaya and her mom & brother! we got up fairly early and first headed to the mall, shopped for a bit, then headed to the waterpark. it was so fun to finally be with yaya this summer and do something we love! 😁 it was so hot that day though but worth it! love being able to have these sweet memories with my best friend! ❤

July 31: oh my goodness, FINALLY, Karmen, Yaya and i were back together! we ended up going to the Lancaster County Superfair and spent our evening there. 🎡🎢🎠🎪 funny story though: so there is this ride where you slowly go up, high into the air, then wait a minute, and drop super fast, like you just fell off a cliff or something. I ABSOLUTELY love it and it is by far my favorite ride there. Karmen hadn’t been on it in years and Yaya never gone it before. luckily though, i was able to convince them to join me! 😄 i sat in the middle of the two and going up was hilarious  {for me atleast 😂}. Karmen was screaming the entire time, yelling, ” I hate you, i hate you, i hate you” 😂😂😂 and Yaya, sounded and looked like she was dead because she didn’t speak or practically move the entire time. 😂😂😂😂 SO BEYOND FUNNY, i wish y’all could have seen it! you couldn’t pay them to go on it again, but that was okay because the first time was way too much enjoyable for me! 😆

so here we are, another month in the books. i can not believe it’s already August. when does time slow down??! 😩 anyhow, thank you for reading.

much love, Davianne

karmain & i at the fair. so much love.

karmain & i at the fair. so much love.

Kenny holding Husker gear! represent!! :)

Kenny holding Husker gear! represent!! 🙂

Chase Rice 😍 😍

Chase Rice 😍 😍

Big Revival Tour Bus

Big Revival Tour Bus

Karmen & i matching tattoos :)

Karmen & i matching tattoos 🙂

love love love her

love love love her

love this & her! shopping & swimming!

love this & her! shopping & swimming!

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