Monday Rants

okay people, lately i have been seeing more than the common amount of reports on different car accidents taking place from either people passing by or usually the news stations.  i understand that it is the job or concern of a person that causes them to post about the incident but too often there are unnecessary, gory, details. this is one of my biggest pet peeves. from personal experience, i know that there is nothing worse than having the tragic event that just struck your family be blasted all over social media. during these situations, privacy is so, very important! i can not stress that enough. let me give you an example:

  • yesterday afternoon there was this post released onto Facebook along with this picture by a local news station: “TRAFFIC ALERT: I-80 is shut down near Odessa, west of Kearney, after a deadly rollover crash. Our reporter on scene says crews are working to get a passenger out of the vehicle, the driver has been pronounced dead.”  now, maybe it’s just me but i’m pretty sure nobody wants to sit here and picture an obviously severely injured person trapped inside a crushed car while the person next to them, who they most likely knew & loved, is laying there dead probably bleeding and not in the prettiest form. the picture was already enough but then the words also was a major no.
  • Screenshot_2015-07-12-22-50-38-1

whether you agree with me or not, i think we can all remember that sometimes it’s best to just keep it short and sweet. look at the situations through the eyes of others, the ones most affected by the event and think twice. thanks for reading the rant 😉 and don’t forget the huge update is coming up next! much love, Davianne