slowing down

Hey y’all!

It’s been a long time since i have posted, and i apologize. between sickness, the holiday and a busy schedule in general, i haven’t really gotten the chance to just sit down and write. also there hasn’t been too much exciting things going on in my life right now so I’ve held off from the blog for a little bit.

like i said earlier, there hasn’t been anything really interesting or exciting happening lately so therefore i was in a rut about what to write about. I knew that i did want to post something on the blog so finally i decided to turn to my phone’s photo gallery. looking through old {not necessarily year old photos… i’m fine with ones that are just a few days old too!} photo albums is one of my favorite things because for me it’s a way to look back on all the beloved memories each picture holds. this was the perfect way to get the idea wheels turning!

I went to my most recent pictures and chose 5 random ones. then i decided to write a little bit about each one and share some information behind it.

first i found a picture of my momma and i! there’s not much to it but just a random time for us to take a selfie. πŸ˜‰ looking back on it though makes me realize once again how much she means to me and i love her! ❀ right now, our family is going through some pretty big milestones that obviously are causing lots of laughs, joy, hurting, tears and emotions overall but my momma’s unconditional love and overflowing support never fails. life’s rough but there is nothing better and more impacting then having your momma right by your side making each hardship easier. love, love, love her!! πŸ˜ŠπŸ’œ

next i came upon a photo of my little puppy, Kit. it doesn’t matter if i see her in a picture or am holding her in person, her face and tiny body brings me automatic joy and happiness. she is 4 years old {in human years πŸ˜‰} and a Lhasa Apso. They are the dogs that often have really long hair down to the floor and wear bows, but we keep her fur cut so she looks a little different. one of my favorite things has been watching Kit grow and learn human things. when she was just a few weeks and for a while before she was a couple years old, she was able to fit into the smallest Pop Tart box, that i believe holds 4 packages, since she was that tiny {FYI she was NOT hurt at all ☺ while discovering this}! Kit has learned to sit, lay down, shake, dance, high-five, speak {bark on cue πŸ˜‰}, walk {basically jump on her hind legs ☺}, “bang”, stay somewhere until she is told it’s okay to move {like to get a treat}, “saddle up” or “go bye bye”{finding her leash and waiting to have it attached and of course give kisses 😊. So there’s my little dog obsession 😁 but really who knew you could love a small animal so much! πŸ’œ

3rd i chose a photo of my cheer squad in our starting position right before we began to perform a dance routine. I will always remember that feeling you got right before the music played. just recalling the motions one last time and telling yourself it was happening. sure, there was lots of nervous butterflies but overall it was so much fun and the excitement was overwhelming. you work so hard to nail every part and then there’s that moment, where it all pays off. so much happiness πŸ˜„ and boy do i miss it. πŸ’”

then i found the collage i made for National Siblings Day! I simply chose two old photos with my sisters and put them together. the one on the left features all 3 of them, Kolbi, Randi, and Shaylee on a very special day… Kolbi’s wedding! that picture is definitely filled with plenty of memories! πŸ‘Œ the one on the right only shows Shaylee and i. I put one of just the two of us, because she is the one i spend most days with. i am closest to her in age so she gets to be with me more {lucky her πŸ˜‰}. even though distance takes a huge toll on our relationship between the 4 of us, i am still so incredibly thankful to be able to call them family. for me it’s so cool because they have some more memories of my dad than i got to experience and so once i hear those stories it’s beyond encouraging to me {it may sound weird but i guess it’s just a little, complicated perk that turns out to be positive for me personally😏}. also, when i am with all my sisters, i feel complete and my heart is full of pure hapiness. family is so important, I’ve learned that first hand, so i always try to cherish each moment i get with them.

last, i found a pretty much unimportant clip of my latest nail set but it is something i like to get done. since i posted my last ones, i thought why not share this one. ☺

so thanks for exploring this teenie aspect of my life. sometimes you gotta just slow down and look and appreciate the little things.

IMG_20150415_223035 P82A1541 FB_IMG_1428726870357 PhotoGrid_1428705718528 Snapchat-6800747846347188656

much love, Davianne

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