Nebraska Weather


Currently i am sitting out on the farm getting ready to watch a huge storm rumble in. For me, i absolutely love any type of storm. Thunder, tornado or even just a heavy rain fall. I think they are all so fascinating. Of course, i am well aware of the danger and unfortunate effects that come with them but that doesn’t lessen my appreciation for them any less.

There are two main reasons i have a big passion for storms. First, i think it really gives us another glance of who God is. Each storm, to me, shows how powerful and big He is and for some odd reason i find that so comforting. Just to know that the Creator of this universe is so giant and mighty, is something i really pull to heart.

The second reason is because each storm is beyond beautiful. Yes, they are quite often dark and loud but they are beautiful. Absolutely beautiful. Each one has something  different, even if it’s something little, that brings out the beauty. I think everything and everyone has beauty but every now and then it may be a little harder to see it. We may have to open our eyes, extend our hearts and do some searching but it is there.

Lastly, if i have the choice, I’d much rather be out in the country than in town when the weather is bad for the most part just because it’s more open and you really get to see the storm do it’s thing. Pretty spectacular to me.

So yeah, that’s about it. A tiny post, giving you a glance about what i am up to and also what i find weird, comforting, fascinating perks in. Thanks for reading!

much love, Davianne

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