becoming one

Hey there!

It’s finally hitting me that the cheer season is over! Once basketball season is finished then so are we. Yes, there are a few Spring sports left but we need to time to prepare for tryouts and the upcoming year!

The 2014/2015 season was definitely a journey and big eye-opener. It started out really great, summer fundraising and cheer camp. Lots of practicing and preparing and of course all the excitement of receiving new things like poms, our uniforms, even the ugly, white shoes!

Everything was looking good in our eyes but God had a different plan. We lost a great cheerleader, got huge things taken away but most importantly we let go of the critical bonds and characteristics each squad should have. All together we were pretty broken and spread apart.

It took time and plenty of realization to know that God’s plan was greater and we could only move forward from there. That in order to get back on track we were going to have to forgive eachother and begin again. So after lots of prayer and slow healing we grew through our struggles and became a team again. The affects lasted throughout the year but looking back we can know full heartedly that they were lessons learned and all part of God’s plan.

Some things that i found myself loving the most about my squad {including my coach} were:

~even though i barely knew anything that had realistically to do with cheerleading, they were never frustrated about me having to learn everything slower than they did and from the beginning.

~you could be completely yourself around them and have no fear of being judged.

~you could trust & believe another girl when she said she was praying for you because it was obvious.

~when life got rough and you were at your lowest, the love and support from each one’s heart especially showed.

~we could all laugh and joke together. fun was always there.

~we became one and worked with what we had which turned out to making us each stronger and smarter.

~the relationships you formed with each girl were always positive. therefore everyone was so encouraging.

~you became a family and were proud to call them your squad.

After finally pushing myself to become a cheerleader and sticking to it, i found that cheerleading is a passion i have. It truly breaks my heart when people are so quick to believe that ALL cheer squads are full of stuck up, dramaful, and judgmental girls or each cheerleader believes they are better than everyone else. This bothers me because i know that even though it may be hard to believe, not all squads are like that. Sure there is a big number that are {I’ve seen it firsthand} but there is also a good number that aren’t. Those girls, who aren’t a team full of those poor qualities are some of the most loving, caring and supporting gals you’ll ever meet!

I encourage you, no matter what situation you’re in, to not be quick to judge someone and get to know them instead. See what their heart is really like and who knows maybe you’ll become best friends with them and leave an impact on their hearts just like each lady from my squad has left on mine! Life is too short to not get along with people!

In closing, i can say I’m proud that cheerleading is part of my life and is my passion.I have learned so much and became a better person from it. Some of my biggest supporters in life and best friends are part of it and they’re the ones that helped me accomplish this goal and now live out my dream!

Here’s some photos of us as a squad throughout the season. For more check out my Facebook albums.

IMG_20150308_171120 FB_IMG_1425421328991 FullSizeRender FB_IMG_1426369848133 FB_IMG_1426369822437 FB_IMG_1426369753112 FB_IMG_1426369726729 FB_IMG_1426369699955 FB_IMG_1426369670808 FB_IMG_1426369644756Much love, Davianne